Saturday, September 29, 2012

Central Bureau of Taibh public and Statistics published statistics of marriage and divorce in the a

Central Statistics showed dani daniels Taibh public high number of marriages in 2011 and 3.8% in the 864.000 $ 897.000 and 969 and 857 the previous year, an increase
of 33 thousand and 112 contracts. The unit published annual statistics of marriage and divorce Marriages 2011 will increase by 7.6% to $ 544,000 on land and 921 contract ", which accounts for 7.60% of all contracts in the past year" compared with 510,000 in 2010 and the 634 and 287 increased by 34,000 contracts. He added that the marriage contract cities dani daniels fell 3.0% in the previous year by the score of 175 thousand and 353 thousand and 48 contract ', which constitutes 3.39% through dani daniels 2011 contracts "for the 354,000 and 223 the previous year. Statistics, the majority of the marriage "a man" was in the age group of 25 to less than 30 years, which record 385,000 contracts, including contract and 585 representing 9.42% Mndjemlh contracts, while the lowest percentage
of marriages in the age group 65 years and over, including agent 7, 0% up to $ 6000 and 144 contracts. He noted that the upgrade had to be certified by an average share of marriages, registered number 350000 1.39% and 805 contracts, while obtaining a degree Jamaahalia fewer categories and the number of marriage contracts in 2000 and by 3.0% in the 394.
Central Bureau of Taibh public and Statistics published statistics of marriage and divorce in the age group of 20 to less than 25 years old had the highest marriage among women, including representing 3.44% up to $ 398,000, and 188 contracts, while in the age group 65 years and older non-class marriage rose from 0, 07% 627 contracts. He added that the cultures of intermediate certificate of marriage dani daniels was a top class 5 t 36%, which was 327,000 and the number of contracts 849 contracts, public higher education less the same culture marriages are part of the class, which recorded 0.2% of the contract number 2001. On the other hand, the statistics indicated a high incidence of divorce in 2011 by 1.7% to $ 151,000 compared with 149,000, and 933 and 376 certification divorce Amalesabak growth during the 2557 confirmation of that. And showed a high number of divorce declarations city last year to 1.6%, an increase of up to 87,000 statements and 405 and 91 to confirm "and represented 3.57% of total Alachhadat in 2011" compared to 85,000 and 686 approval during 2010. It also increased the number of divorce declarations painting 8 t 1% increase and 152 and 842 to confirm approval of the registered 64,000 "representing 42.7% of the other Alachhadat through 2011" compared to 63,000 last year, and 690 to confirm.
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