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Mr. Counsel, Attorney General, Professor Cairo introduce you and Wael ATWA resident of the village of Tanana Shubra Khavon Center alexandra gaviria Shebin Menoufia Governorate topic I was exposed to a very great injustice, so now I have to touch Lf بسيادتكم injustice does try to help, and the truth, where the threats affect منذو First year I got married Ms (0 ATWA Susan Magdy Zaki Abdel Aal) who are in the same village 20.06.2005, it was a disagreement, well-wishers and the intervention of the customary reconciliation meeting it was agreed to write a blank trust receipts to ensure
the family life, and (4), then there was a disagreement with each other and ended in divorce alexandra gaviria in 2006, without having to actually receive their proceeds Second alexandra gaviria -) and after Hawally 4 years of divorce intervention
wishers back and it was the one - Ibrahim Abdul Sattar Ahmed Gad 2 - Zakaria Abu Maati Ibrahim and the requirement wife send him to trust receipts numbered 2 and write a list of bogus provide live, because I paid that $ 18,000 down his list, and change the number of income 6 provide live Zo Wagih back 16/11/2009 Third -), after a month and a half was a disagreement on marriage and angry father's house and happened after (a) has a complaint against me accusing me wasting notables alexandra gaviria unit turned to look, and was involved in the witness list and the present reality, edit existing pictures and sentenced them to prison for a month, alexandra gaviria and has worked to re-number 4104 to the year 2011, and convicted alexandra gaviria of acquittal, because they do not receive any chattel marriage (b) Aattaat trust income for each 1 - Magdy Zaki ATWA Abdel Aal resident village of Shubra Khalaf Center Shebin alexandra gaviria Menoufia, a father, a wife with a complaint Dddy No. 3121 of 2010, to give the government $ 75,000 hp and sentenced to prison for a period of 6 months and worked to restart No. 7848 for the year 2011 was Tide quantum imprisonment even though alexandra gaviria I did not get him the money and the material they're all the papers to prove it, and the record evidence of real editing revenues session usually try Magistrate threatened that he Ihpsony not divorce alexandra gaviria my wife (2) - Aattaat Also number 2, the transport authorities (Emad Abdel Mawla Mohammad Ali), Ibn Abi Talib Al Resident village center lake monsters Isa Province, which has - filed a complaint against Local Government alexandra gaviria delivered $ 130,000 PS No. 4472, 2010, and turned to the study, and participated in the witness of reality Liberation alexandra gaviria trust income criticized
the acquittal, because I did not receive any amounts 2 - raising the same person complained against me deliver Municipality alexandra gaviria $ 150,000 LE No. 8635 was sentenced to imprisonment for 6 months, then worked resumption No. 7855 of Year 2011 was the Tide judgment notwithstanding I did not receive any amounts of material and examine you, and confronts acknowledged that do not know me and do not have Muammlat material between alexandra gaviria me and him, and he looked threatening me not to divorce My wife will Bhbssa said to my wife Aattaat him these receipts alexandra gaviria because his cousin (3) - Aattaat arrived alexandra gaviria Municipality of the son of his aunt, the (Sherbini Mohamed Fattouh Mohammed) resident four behind the wholesale market in the old town Banham Qaliubiya where a complaint Dddy Delivered Municipality sum £ 105,500 and sentenced them to imprisonment for one year and worked Aastinav booked for the rule of law 05/26/2011 and investigate the curse and find out the address and confront recognized from the beginning that they do not know me, and there is no transaction is material between me and him, and he looked threatening me not to shoot my wife Ihpsony IV -) to inform you that they are all boars Izkuron address in the address
is valid and Balthariy them and Musbandtm threatened with being fired,
my wife, and only becomes Ihpsony Isawmony huge sums unjustly, and my wife and I am confused what to do now, before all this injustice, because the Almighty God will not receive any amount alexandra gaviria of material, and no material transactions between me and any Sun -) If you are expecting a baby, my wife even stopped by the threat, and dispatched to the complaints was a threat to take a different form of inexpensive quantity of the material to them, and my wife and I have no money VI -) crow when you call them and Soualhm know HE as long as the appropriate item, and then add injustice meant to always turn Dddy to know the truth, and show now, because I do not appreciate living in my country, because it is an injustice has made you God's help, to support the right of By : Wael ATWA Tanana
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