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Panel Paul Wesley - Paul Board telízia CW aired the movie Blue Under 5 years after the turn to the

Panel Paul Wesley - Paul Board telízia CW aired the movie Blue Under 5 years after the turn to the middle of its series Rozparovačkej. - His favorite episode of 1912 - The Ripper. - Paul, but complained that the CW also pulls old movies were shot. - Paul Yang apologized to pay the last minute. - Someone suggested that the show will be more supernatural creatures such. fairies. Paul agreed. - Paul wants to be a fairy. - Paul prefers to work with Daniel Gillies and Matt Davis. - He wants to direct an episode of the fourth series. - They asked what he would do when they were Stefan and Damon people in one day, and he said: "Stop being depressed Exit transition to the dark side of this figure is dynamic ..." - If a fan asked for an autograph Pual first He thought jared leto movies it was a mistake. - "When I gave the first autograph was like something from another world such a country.". - "Stefan and Elena are at the center of history." - What was najťahšie shoot and why? "The scene with Elena on the bridge and the scene when Stefan calls Elena. Was difficult, because, during the filming looked at me with more than 40 people." - What kind of person with whom he worked, was the most interesting? Paul said, Vincent D'Onofrio. - He admitted that no one is watching Buffy, and all were amazed. - What is a vampire jared leto movies from another show will be joined by Stefan? Willie jared leto movies Dafoe in Shadow of the Vampire. - Ana Paul once said that because of budget cuts to stop the use of special filters and Yang of Salel. - I agree that if they had to survive on the island, he must hide his eyes to sleep. - The fact that he can not do without: music player, eye mask, rings, jeans. jared leto movies - Question: Do you still have those pants Roll Bounce movie? Gender: no. - Q: What would you do if you woke up one day and was trapped jared leto movies in the body of Ian? Paul just looked horrified that idea, and said that he would have done something very stupid. - Paul: for those who do not watch Roll Bounce, you should check it out. It's unbelievable. I wore pants so, m great bell at the end. - Paul said that he signed the Torah was yesterday at McDonald's on the bottom. - Question: Do you prefer a time machine jared leto movies to the past or the future? Gender: A History. - In my spare time I love to travel, snowboarding and meeting with fans. - If not an actor, he would have been a hockey player, or journalists. - They say it does not have special talents that can be proved. - He thought that the fan said, "Show me your tits." But he said: "Show us your moves." - To work with Joseph, I recommend the work of Joseph Klaus Julie bankruptcy was only a month. This is one of the best representatives often. - "Everyone is jealous of me because I was the most beautiful." - Paul loves memories, and if it had been written by their creator omoho more. - What do you like about TVD? Paul: "Look at all the fans who have even grandmothers in the room.".
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