Thursday, September 27, 2012

One between the studio

One between the studio
Sword of the phrase "Mekong massacre trial," I feel (2)
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▲ 5 arcade phase, brown trip chain, classic and contemporary, CPT are filled with a deep sense of cultural and academic atmosphere. ▲ 6, Stanford University, founded in 1885 to enroll students
in 1891, a total of about five hundred first batch of students in the first batch of students for the later U.S. President Herbert Hoover. ▲ 7, artistic atmosphere cameron diaz movies in the campus of the University, the most prestigious is external Rodin in Paris, France's largest collection of works. ▲ 8, visitors from China crowded posed for pictures in front of the statue of Rodin. ▲ 9, the main promenade of the quadrangle, which is to visit the main attractions of Stanford University. ▲ 10, carved round arches. ▲ 11, the seminary of the clergy. ▲ 12, of Stanford University faculty is very strong, according to 1995 statistics, in 1300, professor, 10 Nobel Prize winners cameron diaz movies and five Pulitzer Prize-winning member cameron diaz movies of the American Academy cameron diaz movies of Arts and Sciences, 142, 84 National Academy of Sciences and the National Science 14 Medal winner. ▲ 13, compared cameron diaz movies to an Ivy League school in the eastern United States, especially from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, although the relatively short history, cameron diaz movies but whether it is academic standards, or other aspects of the Ivy League can compete. ▲ 14, the Stanford campus is considered one of the three most beautiful campus, the entire campus covers 35 square kilometers and is linked to the world one block campus area's second-largest. ▲ 15, Stanford Memorial Church, built in 1903. 20th century, cameron diaz movies two major earthquakes occur in San Francisco gave the church suffered serious damage. cameron diaz movies ▲ 16, ▲ 17, plastered the door of a small ad. ▲ 18 teaching buildings exterior walls of sandstone strong body structure, in the form of very characteristics of California, and a clear blue sky blue sky and a good match. ▲ 19, a quick look on the fence, as the grass, look closely at the original bicycle parking racks. ▲ 20 ▲ 21, Nianman advertising pillars, high performance cameron diaz movies training.
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