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let me be your angel - Part 3 'yǘnĴaΣ
Mr. Kim: This young man is my son, Kim Jitjong. Tell him that you are the person pohl force who will wife.
Mr. Kim: Trust me Jay, he is better than everyone.
Jitjong: What is it that makes it better than the other? Is .. Is still a child! Are you sure that he would make me wear?! What do you give a book as hell?! .. I'm sure quite similar to the rest, all just want money.
Mr. Kim: I know .. I know, my son. We do not know what will happen pohl force in the future. But at least we n do what we can. Besides young Qamm study, and may indicate that he has the potential to make one of them carries. So do not worry
Junhu: if you know what I asked you
Mr. B: Oh Hello Junhu, how are you?!
Junhu: Maybe because I'm beautiful?
Junhu: Do not worry. I'll be fine, it's the best for us, our lives will be better. I'm going to pay for treatment Jieyi, but pay the cost of surgery, Mr. Kim give me a lot of money. . The late hour, I think I should pohl force take Jieyi and go home.
After he left Junhu Jieyi, Solga be crying in her room, I break her heart, it carries pohl force feelings for Junhu since the first year in high school. But did not find the opportunity to inform >> (with yourself) << The expected Junhu to tell her first. But Junhu not do it before now, "says he does not love me"
After that she slept Jieyi in her room, went Junhu to the kitchen to eat something, and suddenly heard knocking on the door .. Leave his dinner in the kitchen and went to open the door. Surprised to see Kim Jitjong standing in front of him!
Hair Jitjong very sad when he heard the words Junhu, I felt helpless, he must establish a relationship pohl force with a man to live. But that's not what he wants, he wants to live normally, but has no choice, it is useless as a man. He shed tears in front of the person who does not like
Junhu: not Telmna, and your father pohl force is the one who makes the offer, I'm all candidates we want money! It is not so Gtalta he was accepted, and your father's before me, you should be grateful you have such a father, he is ready to help you everything he has! Not all people are lucky as you, even if you're sick, you're rich, and you can try everything to heal
Goodness! What should I do! What if I died? People will think I killed him! Sary if he was breathing! I will put my finger in front of his nose. This breathing is weak! True, I have said that he could not breathe. To help him breathe. Sadguet on his chest, can Saaadh this. . . . It does not work! What should I do? Is .. Do I need to breathe industrial him? I have not done it before! I do not know how I do. But I have to help him, I have no choice, it's better than nothing!
I bent close to his face, he seemed very nice. Have flawless skin. Perhaps it is because he is sick. I stared into his mouth, his lips. These cherry lips seem to kiss too! اوووه ~ what I was thinking?! I'm doing my breathing industrial pohl force him and not kiss him! But it looks like I Saqublh. That my mouth over his mouth. pohl force Ayeyio pohl force I'm about to kiss a man! LHH, this is nothing pohl force compared
to what we will do later. We will establish a relationship!
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Ealby my heart to have you finally Nazelta Bart The Albart And Aono natural Mo boy Bimooot This thinking things Aigowoo
Aono what Toukatk costume Keda Co What Oloowoomk Jay whole some temptation X temptation ^ __ ^ either pohl force Hvek stupid with himself and Bakowooh violin said take Aono and Jay is Tkhsai Maash of separating them << blindfolded sister Oni Belize Attoula We expect Elly after him, I when I read that after while increasing goodness
Jerin ^ night Boaoaoao Ahowoowoowoowoowooopk
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And AAA talk Jitjong real Mordant CO even Junhu introduced Amax themselves and Maicol to Gigi and either a girl Mr. B with itself Hahaha I said Lech Mattiyn Junhu face Ashan charges pohl force love and then, believe Junhu man Imo mu able Tnfssoho Wayne is not returned to to say then evaluate the relationship taxes to clean his main concern secret pohl force and Gigi from very difficult situation imaginary position as degenerate when unhappiness اوووه sister Junhu Matdra brother Osh offset Btansdm imposed pohl force tells her and God his complex Tsidikn been, and I'm a price check Albart Down Co. but short >> with yourself Hova Dong Singh Aatakr Albart who later represented Believe pohl force me Lage Jizan and Achenqk
Jae: Sometimes when I look at the mirror, I want to kiss my lips ... Yunho: pohl force But really, his lips are beautiful, are not they? [Translation] Jitjong: Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I feel that I accept my lips ... Junhu:
But really, his lips Jamiltan, Elista, as well? OH MY GOD Sun!
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The problems you get with only influenced Alvanklopat the band itself .. Remember the day the problems were between pohl force the bowl and Phanz thousand T Island?! .. Macal Alkessoba Suu media .. The Phanz Aldbisk! (The second Llano fans are Gltanin)) .. I Abe open old topic again Ahan

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