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Serge Verwest Vincent and the Obert Thieusies exhibition at Gallery De Nieuwe Vaart paintings, assemblages and action painting 6 to 28 February 2010 opening 5 February at 20 hours Serge Verwest Vincent Obert the Thieusies
Eco-illusion lego house from Serge Verwest on Vimeo. The ECOLECO-Illusion House, the growing problem of man and the harmonious living in the daylight. We increasingly have to admit that nature liv tyler movies is a wonderful range of opportunities for us against the ever increasing sunlight protection. Nature offers many opportunities for us to isolate. I might still see the ivy as a highly insulating plant that protects exterior walls. Roof vegetation, which includes sedum, as the Austrian architect Friedrich Hundertwasser they proposed to us. Bamboo and clay are valuable materials for a healthy and low-energy house can cause. Even a small-scale use of solar panels in combination with wind energy can contribute to an environmentally friendly housing policy. The living together in small living groups of six to ten houses, the social aspect and promoting dialogue between modern humans. The creative contribution of everyone can be a compensation for the man who is silly to buy worthless trash them annually to the garbage dump. Creative and self-creating things in and around his living is more satisfying than the purchased trash. I see around me many children playing with a stick or box in which they can place their inventiveness and thus the need to create to true. The fabricated trash lose their glitter and glamor of once they owned because they never fulfill the dreams that the publicity created. Ecolego would satisfy this hunger of modern man and him with his nose in his own inventiveness pressures. Confront him with exciting challenges from their own minds.
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Serge Verwest was born on November 27, 1952, from an artistic

family of 4 generations of painters and got willy nilly an education in the artistic scene. Growing up in a Christian country town, as a child of liberal parents, he was in his youth repeatedly faced with the contradictions in this society, where the church paste waved and his father a fairly revolutionary thinking gave way, always with the background of a peace movement that the ever growing stronger awareness against nuclear weapons propagated. While other boys drowned liv tyler movies in football and cycling and Sunday went to church for their sins forgiven, he looked horrified eyes to the horror on TV which took place in the former Belgian Congo and the Algerian struggle. The assassination of Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev with his shoe capitalism table trying to whack. The cold war between the communist liv tyler movies bloc and the Discriminatory America. The supposedly golden sixties were for him the years in which he saw the horse oust the car. The small farmer who met the end of his era went. The era when all a technical solution could be found, where the man first went to the moon, but also an era where the end of colonialism started and took every man his freedom began to demand. Freedom, the magic word of the late sixties, the "Flower Power", the Hippie movement, the communes, the Provos and Dolle Mina's. After primary school, a choice had to be made. After a wandering from the Latin to the Municipal Training School he landed in the Municipal Technical Education (Carels, Nicaise, Deridder) where his father and grandfather ran school. He followed liv tyler movies it toward sign photogravure from 1969 to 1973. To continue in that direction on an artistic twist to evolve, he enrolled, at the Royal Academy of Ghent in 1974. But that year began the financial needs harder road, and went to work. "Make love not war" and "Give Peace a Chance" in the period of the Vietnam war, would make him decide to be conscientious. In 1979 started a flea market business. The interest in the painting remained and there was many a painting purchased and verkocht.De participation in the peace monument va

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