Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monday, May 21 We can sleep in this morning, we leave only at 8am for a Fellukkatocht logies to the

The Nubian evening was super nice and cozy. Some Nubian people entertained us with dance and music. Hilda and I were together with a number of people chosen to show some extra allure, now that we succeeded! Beforehand we had something that we really do not. We have therefore still to persuade and have a good laugh, looking on the audience! I have good experience of sore throat, coughing and sneezing, and I asked the basket addresses! Every day we are surprised with clean hands folded in the form of an animal, this time a lobster, very nice and attentive!
Monday, May 21 We can sleep in this morning, we leave only at 8am for a Fellukkatocht logies to the Botanical Gardens and a Nubian village. logies Will my phone at a quarter past six, one of the home is his vest with important keys in it again! And one last thought that I've worn them! After some tips is the vest only after 20 minutes of searching, above water! Not in my suitcase! GRRRR .... So are we on time in the shower! A Fellukka is a sailboat with one sail, it informs on the side of our ship and we can step aboard. What is special! Relaxed logies we sail to an island where we visit a botanical garden, beautiful! Then we take a boat sailing through which the guide calls the Egyptian Biesbosch. I'm on top of the deck to sit, how lovely! It seems like the sand of the desert as the water flows. We see kingfishers, are black with white drawn geese nile, nile buffalo, camels. It is here cotton, rice, clover and sugarcane. logies It is really wonderful to sail around here. We explain to a Nubian village, it is located across from Aswan. This nation has had to move for the construction of the Nasser lake and a residential community on this island live. Originally, these people from Africa, Sudan, Ethiopia. logies We may look in their homes, how they live, cook, sleep. We visit a school, the classes are empty, but we can still get a good impression. logies They are not poor for their concepts. logies A wedding lasts three days. They have their own language. 0:30 For we are back to the boat, good afternoon reading, relaxing by the pool on the deck and updating my blog. Tonight we go to the bazaar in Aswan. Our last night here, tomorrow we sail to Kom Ombo.
It is very hot here today, so far no problems before, but today it was pretty heavy, logies and the day after tomorrow logies is 45 degrees expected.

logies we have some overheating sent to you, you can also enjoy! Remove
Hello Toos, Goord, Hilde. Today for the first time found time to read the blog. And yes ... Toos is totally logies loose! Pretty stories and funny pictures. We are already looking forward to the rest. This is fixed again a pleasant evening. Goord congratulations with your birthday, where we take a retrospective drink on. Enjoy this beautiful logies still nice trip, we do so in the summer weather here in Hoeven. Regards, Marja and Sjaak. Reply Remove
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