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My fake wife (Just Go With It), 2011 | Filmosfera
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My wife followed the tradition of quasi-holiday movies for adults, and adults who are seen primarily as an excuse for the band to film studio sent them on holiday.

This further confirms the fact that in this film in a variety of roles, or by participating in the production

of as many as five relatives and cousins my michelle Adam Sandlerja. Also, in general, the most popular comedy my michelle film gives the impression that he is on vacation. Although his character is not.
His character, Danny, was in Hawaii with Palmer (Brooklyn my michelle Decker), the girl, in which, as me, fell in love, giving, his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) and her kids to pretend to be his separate family (as the Palmer accidentally lied to separate), and in addition is his cousin Eddie, who is pretending to be Katherinin new chosen one. All this mess is of course of a bunch of complications, my michelle which are supposed to be funny but are not, because none of the characters really did not look as if he cared. They are on vacation.
Last year's film Adam Sandlerja and director Dennis Dougan, Adults (Grown Ups), despite a completely different story with this film works quite common, especially anemic attempts humor and pulling the story that just will not end.
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