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A few weeks ago (yes I know, I

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A few weeks ago (yes I know, I'm back blogging ...) I got the chance to get involved with an IKEA pop-up workshop. egni eckert If since the beginning that I learned sewing I sew with IKEA fabrics, because not too expensive, fairly firm (and therefore ideal for shako shen) and colorful. egni eckert If you advance account with 4% shrinkage on the matter (and obediently the fabric washes and once in the dryer plug), she remains as far as I experienced good in shape. I saw it so be sitting together with her (K) I moved to Brussels. egni eckert Indeed they drove, because I still get clammy pollen when I sign of urban Brussels passes by. Let's just say the average driver in Brussels and I have a different interpretation of the term "courtesy ride" and that's a relatively strong euphemism.
On the way over there as we sat giggling-girls-to-school to decide what and how (and how much) and that and ... We were also wondering if we went with the real IKEA stikmasjienen may suffocate. Ah yes, because it was a workshop of IKEA and that was for us anyway have a chance to test this thing. Giggle - giggle - Fisher Price jokes everywhere

- giggle - giggle ...
And it started: my companion K. and I looked at each other, looked at the sewing table (with sewing machines) and laughed ...: there was indeed the sewing machine of the IKEA. Jeeej! We had a fairly short time frame to our "project" to work, but we flew full speed into: 3 hours paspelband make cotton bespoke, paspelband cotton stitching, fleece bespoke and fleece on the paspelband that all the cotton sewn stitching. Difficult is not all that. But it is by works effe ... No problem, we (= the 15 lucky ones who had secured a place) did indeed each have a sewing machine and the support of the "teacher"!
Honestly? The sewing machine egni eckert of the IKEA does not appeal to me ... But it was a fun workshop, we made a nice warm (and beautiful, it should be said **) blanket, egni eckert I'm still a fan of their substances, and I me amused.
Da sjozeke I certainly was seeing ... and rap))) egni eckert
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