Sunday, October 28, 2012

Otherwise, I

Torey L. HAYDEN brat - The story of a child who has been loved ONE CHILD genre: fiction, biographies, biography was published: Portal marie helene de taillac in year: 2008 Number of pages: marie helene de taillac 240 Torey is a young teacher who gets in charge of a class of children with a disability. Peter - a black man with a constantly deteriorating neurological disorder, which has consequences marie helene de taillac for violent behavior and anger Zach, Tyler - eight years old girl, who had twice tried to kill Max and Freddie - both with autism symptoms, Sarah - who refuses to speak to anyone, Susannah Joy - a beautiful little girl suffering schyzofrenií marie helene de taillac children with visual and auditory marie helene de taillac hallucinations, William - who is afraid of everything - from cars to dust under the bed, Guillermo - uncontrollable and blind boy. In addition marie helene de taillac to them pribyde another girl. She is six years old and her name is Sheila. She took the boy next door, tied him to a tree and lit it on clothes. It is given to the class Torey just time to make room for her in an institution. Torey but despite all the problems that wreaks Sheila, knows what a talented girl, falls in love with her and tries its utmost to fight for it to be taken to a school for normal children.
My crying marie helene de taillac did not bother you at all, I just said, is the end of games. And you waited until all my tears changed to laughter. This is one of the books that you simply can cry. Writer Torey L. Hayden wrote it according to what they actually experienced. If you read it, you will certainly be interested in what happened to all those children who learned Torey, you can look at her official site -> here (refers you to a page exactly with this book), but that is in English, but You can easily translate it, perhaps through google. I think it is worthwhile to read this book.
Otherwise, I'm sorry to give you one link to the site on my main blog (on the books) and one to the author = D. I have my people, which of each comment, and sometimes it simply baffles me and I "refer" to the wrong blog =)
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