Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Few people rosie larsen know that the famous muscleman has a very interesting an elderly mother, whose specialty is the future of reading ass. While no 61-year old Sylvester Stallone bypasses world premieres to his successful film Rambo IV - To hell and back, the 86-year

old mother Jackie to sharpen his teeth on his ass prepared to find out what it misses.
As a renowned seeress is resurrected the ancient method of guessing from the back of the body, which apparently used the ancient Babylonians, and Indians.
"My mom is incredible. Even at their age, are alive and interested in astrology. I still urge me to try reading the ass, "he told the smiling actor whose character, despite one of the six cross najsúmernejších and najvypracovanejších in showbiz.
"Never would I nevystrčil ass mother and certainly not allow me it prophesied the future, for God's sake, she is my mother," said Stallone, who will be afraid and neither where he "found" something wrong in the future.
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America, 30.10.2012 20:44, rosie larsen (41838)
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America, 30.10.2012 16:03, (10843)
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