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Our Mirgová stars in the clip odlíčila and undressed. As the message

13.6.2011 10:38
Mike Tyson Source: AP "The worst man planet 'Mike Tyson and actor Sylvester Stallone on Sunday received one of boxing's most prestigious awards when they are put into the International Hall of Fame.
Štyridsaťštyriročný American is famous for his unmistakable style of boxing and controversial behavior both in the ring and outside it. The first world championship

in heavy weight urho tv category has won as a 20-year, when the battle for the WBC champion Trevor Berbick beat technical KO in the second round.
A year later joined the WBC title belts WBA and IBF organizations, making it the youngest ever pästiar became urho tv the undisputed world champion. First defeat in profiringu earned up to the 38th game when he knocked out compatriot Buster Douglas.
"Iron Mike", is the most famous urho tv excesses odhryznutie ear of Evander Holyfield, at a ceremony recalling to its beginnings. "It all started when I was Bobby Stewart (a social worker and boxing fan) presented coach Cusovi D'Amato. Then I was in reform school because I was always robbing people. Cusom S I talked too much about money, we wanted to be especially large fighters, "said Tyson, whose legal guardian after his mother's death was just D'Amato. Tyson career ended in 2006 with the balance of 50 wins (including 44 KOs) and six losses.
Stallone is in the history of Rocky film series, in which he played the leading role of boxer Rocky Balboa and also wrote the screenplay. The first episode of the series came to theaters in 1976 and was nominated for 10 Academy urho tv Awards prices, and won three of them for best film, directing and editing. In the next five years, founded the sequel.

"Do I not look, I'm a boxer. They are not proficient skills. However, I think that I understand what is happening outside the ring.'s There is often an even bigger fight than the ropes., I was able to capture these facts and I believe that once a person better urho tv empathize with the role of a boxer., I also understand that life is permanent warfare. Maybe sentimental significance, but I think that in life it does not matter how hard blow can inflict, but rather how hard you are able to make money and still go on , "said the actor, who in 2006 received an award from the Association of American boxing journalists Lifetime Achievement boxing film field.
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Our Mirgová stars in the clip odlíčila and undressed. As the message
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