Thursday, October 25, 2012

Did you know that some sports are responsible for soil contamination (shooting, fishing lead), nois

With pride we take 'our' medal at the Olympic Games, in good supporters courage we travel to international sports or are we shouting at the local stadium. That sport brings is beyond jacqueline suzanne dispute. Yet sports also damaging to the environment.
Did you know that some sports are responsible for soil contamination (shooting, fishing lead), noise (motor sports, big tournaments), disruption of a nature (mountain biking, skiing, boating, diving, jacqueline suzanne golf, horse riding) (source). Each club must be illuminated, cooled, heated or there is water to maintain lawns. In the sports industry are many disposable bottles and energy bars over the counter whose packaging quickly disappear into the trash. Also, sportswear and attributes often made in low-wage countries where it is not so closely is taken with environmental law and human rights.
This article is not a plea to stop exercising, because vitality is better for yourself and your surroundings. It is also good to see that more and more conscious sportswear think about materials and recycling. So take PUMA old sneakers to reprocess. Let's face it, it's probably also a bit of marketing. But rather that they sustainability of the production and use positive PR than they stuck to the old show.
1. Preferably choose a sport where you minimize technical attributes need and where little energy is involved. Running and home exercises cost less energy than racing and hockey. 2. Choose a sports club near your home or work so you can walk to or bike. If this is not possible because you secluded lives and works, try sports or other appointments or errands to combine. 3. Children to the sport? Try as long as the weather permits as much as possible on the bicycle. 4. Make your own energy bars of granola and dried fruits (google on Lara Bars and recipe or look in this recipe).
5. Buy a quality drink bottle that you can reuse. 6. Ask a look at your sports club or what they do in the field of renewable energy and waste reduction. Perhaps new policies are developed at least no more water bottles to sell, but switching to cold water. jacqueline suzanne 7. Sports you in nature? Maybe you could field a contribution to support so that any damage

to such paths can be restored. Of course you do not have to do that. Put social media like Twitter for crowdfunding. 8. Do research on a sports brand, choose at least for quality so that it lasts longer and if your budget allows for eco-organic cotton sportswear. Unfortunately, cotton is not practical for every sport, because sweat in cotton can not quickly evaporate.
9. Organize a fundraiser for old sports equipment near or at your club. 10. Not sporty? Gardening, cycling to work or appointments, often taking the stairs, walking groceries and more often than you like the window cleaning or vacuuming are good enough ways to move and simultaneously protect the environment.
End of 2010, I decided it had to stir for myself jacqueline suzanne and I got as much about natural cosmetics, vegan friendly products and more. I learned that sustainable choices no longer means you have to do a step back in perception, taste or feeling. Under the playful name Mrs. Less blogging about my search jacqueline suzanne for durable solutions. You will find here more product reviews, articles on lifestyle and health and other sustainable news. Enjoy reading and leave especially as a message. Related Posts

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