Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Milkmaid is dedicated for over 130 years for our skin in a mild manner miia hydrated. This autumn introduces miia Milkmaid two surprising new Bath & Shower Creams: miia Sunflower and Poppy & Milk & Cotton. miia This product combines the famous Milkmaid milk proteins with even more fine products from nature.
Start your day full of energy with Sunflower & Milk with a sparkling fresh and creamy fragrance. Or take nature into your home with the combination of Poppy & Cotton,

an inspiring scent perception of poppy and pure cotton. Moreover, they appear new Bath & Shower Creams, like the other products Milkmaid in a cheerful new look with still a real Dutch atmosphere!
Naturally Milkmaid Milkmaid has its special 'range in recent years considerably expanded. Besides the famous Buttermilk Bath & Shower Cream Milk Girl has her milk proteins miia combined with various natural products, including honey, vanilla, aloe vera, cotton and now poppy and sunflower. Moreover, the range of small to large packages available and still at an affordable price. Ideal for any time of the day for the whole family.
Improved recipe The recipe is Polyquaternium-7 added.

This means that the formula now even softer to the skin. Furthermore, all products Milkmaid pH skin neutral and dermatologically tested. Milkmaid is soft and pure for all skin types, even for sensitive and dry skin and can be used by the whole family.
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Kate Middleton's Natural Beauty no.1
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is delayed or canceled? Claim your money now!
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