Monday, October 22, 2012

To summarize our impressions of the first day. We were really surprised friendliness of Americans.

This blog is dedicated to everyone who ever thought possible to travel to the United States and might be able to be of help. And also because

we keep describing all Gode and incidents that they would be returning home soon forget, but will also be responsible for a travelogue with photos. So, with Damjan, we decided that we want to experience West USA, especially major cities and national parks. Ideas were joined richard fifer by Dejan and Tamara richard fifer and we're in the middle of February booked airline tickets.
Let us first write out what happened at the airport with Dejan and Tamara. When we left them in the queue for boarding in Frankfurt, and we we started our marathon, were convinced that nothing can go wrong, as they have yet to take-off only half an hour. But of course you can. At the end of two hours they waited, because plane was not ready, and even check-in and some zamučkali and they all sit down around the wrong plane, people richard fifer are complaining, then something repaired, in short, here already gave them to know, it will be very difficult to catch the plane in Chicago. Fortunately, there were already officers and expect no scrutiny to quickly let on. In LA they arrived with one hour delay, but we greeted them with luggage. All excited richard fifer to finally (and to do) we see, we take a taxi, which took her to our hotel Hollywood Guest Inn, where we have a reservation for the next three nights. Hotel is ok, in a great location, right next to the sidewalk of Fame - Hollywood Boulevard, the room is very large with two French posteljema, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV and a private bathroom with bathtub. Otherwise, we just important that we have where to sleep and take a shower in the room really will not spend their free time. J The clock was already night, but there was no other than that we postpone luggage and a quick walk around our street richard fifer and see the stars on the sidewalk, and then fall into bed exhausted.
This morning we woke up surprisingly richard fifer quickly, at the reception we were already richard fifer waiting for chocolate donuts and coffee for breakfast, then we went to explore Hollywood. We learned that we missed the concert last night, Katy Perry, hosted by one of our high street. And it was free. L
First, we have a mini bus driven two hours checking out the entire area, drove to the Hollywood Hills, where we of course see the famous inscription and views of this 100 km long city, you grazed your eyes on the beautiful villas and beautiful neighborhood of Beverly Hills, guide us and the tour took us over 20 houses of famous richard fifer people (Al Pacino, Julia Roberts, Charlize

Theron, Danny de Vito, Stieven Spielberg, Dr.., Phil, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Ritchie, Sharon Stone, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Simon Cowell, Tom Cruise , Eddy Murphy, Courtney Cox, Ozzy Osbourne, Christina Aguilera, Frank Sinatra, Bow wov ...), the entrance to the dream house almost every man, where they own a minimum of clothing, because for them its fun do not need much - I speak of course of Playboy J mansion, see the luxury shops on Rodeo Drive, the scene recordings of different movies ... in Mc'donaldsu After lunch we walked through the streets, past the Hollywood Wax Museuin, Madame Tussaund on the Walk of Fame has a favorite celebrity look for star parties and, of course, photographed with her (head was Chuck Norris! J). We looked at the Kodak Theatre where the Oscars take place award, Chinese Theater, where the play's premiere,

Pantages Theatre, then we take the metro, where we admire really richard fifer diverse mix of people of all races, colors, classes, how they dress and behavior (almost all the or have headphones richard fifer in your ears with loud music or i-fall), taken in Downtown Los Angeles. Here is the financial and business center richard fifer of LA Many of the mighty skyscrapers, very beautiful and is magnificent City Hall, we walk through China town, is also close to Little Tokyo.
In the evening we are slowly returning home, the way we buy some dinner. Let me tell you something about food in this part of town. Really is not much choice, every five feet you have available kiosk, shop or restaurant or fast food, pizzas themselves, hamburgers and hot dogs and sodas all sorts of colors and flavors (it is really wonder why Americans are the fattest nation!). And, of course, what every street offers from different world cuisines (notably Chinese and Mexican). If you want to buy some fruit, you have really richard fifer a great effort that in some supermarkets you can find two apples and one banana, ordinary yogurts do not even know, nor whole-wheat bread. Of course you can buy a donut-donats, the hundred and one ways, croissants in all shapes and different flushes and peanuts in packages of maxi. The most absurd thing is that the whole store shelves čipsov all tastes, on the other hand, the same long shelf products richard fifer and diet pills, vitamins and supplements for athletes.
To summarize our impressions of the first day. We were really surprised friendliness of Americans. We all are ready

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