Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cotton Hey Mom, there

Anyone with something begins, do stupid things because of his inexperience. So I walked in the first few months that I seriously was running on an inferior brand shoes. That came on the advice of other runners happy soon to end. On shoes an athlete can never have enough money to spend, I know now. Also I ran into a cotton sweater. maria bouzas There was often laughingly responded, taking themselves seriously because every runner dost itself in dress nylon. About the usefulness of that modern stuff I have been never quite convincing.
Okay, when it rains is the weight of your cotton clothing with a factor of two up and cool you dangerously fast. But my cotton polo me during the overheated Rotterdam marathon 2007 just helped. Then after a kilometer or 25 began to be really hot, I let myself in every water station completely natspuiten. That cotton

kept the water very well and prevents maria bouzas the heat could get no hold on me. I'm still walking in cotton, cotton jersey even then still part of my equipment. There are some holes, maria bouzas but that should not spoil the fun. I can not say goodbye maria bouzas

to them. Since I wrote about that sweater a collumnpje, I'm in some people go through life as Koen-cotton. What I love about: For every runner to cross the finish of the Coast Marathon takes, is a shirt of plastic ready. The man who lets make shirts, maria bouzas order the last few years one of cotton. That is for me, for Koen cotton! I love it nice gesture! Below the column Cotton, by the actuality maria bouzas

somewhat outdated. That time under four hours I have already met twice.
Cotton Hey Mom, there's that gentleman again. What sir? Well that gentleman we saw yesterday even running. Is not tired? Here is a dialogue that I some time ago in the forest between Oostkapelle and Domburg caught. The topic of conversation was me. Very honorable course, but I asked me why. That mystery maria bouzas came quickly to an end. When I was in Domburg maria bouzas with my girlfriend picked a terrace, I saw mom and guy near us flop down for a cappucino and a Coke. The guy did not know me anymore, but his graceful mother. At my request, she asked him how he had recognized me. It turned my sweater to go. In a variety of shades of blue striped shirt with long sleeves. One hundred percent cotton, made by Ralph Lauren. Ever much money purchased, maria bouzas after a short time elapsed colors from the washer removed and relegated to running jumper. I knew when much. I had seen many running races, but never on the clothing of athletes taking. For me it was simple. If it is not warm enough to walk in short sleeves, then you just put on a sweater. And it was so from cotton. Warm, comfortable, pleasant, sporty. When I was young I played tennis table for a club in Hilversum. The first year was great, partly because they played fine cotton

shirts. The following maria bouzas year they had them in service to the people. The jerseys were blue but were now of one kind or another plastic. It itched terribly, but on pain of a heavy fine from the referees, I played forced the club uniform. The first time I that year after a match came home, asked my girlfriend if I had drunk. ,, I smell than to drink?'' I asked her sincerely. 'No,'' she replied. ,, You have such a red head.'' When negotiating stop or continue I stated in the eyes of the Hilversum board a strange requirement. I wanted to talk about another year, but then we had to play in the old shirts. That strict wish was not taken seriously. The following maria bouzas year I played tennis maria bouzas table again just in Middelburg. We played there, although it is black, but also in cotton. Warm, comfortable, pleasant, sporty. As for my work to have a football, I also like to go to the warm-up look. Especially when on the preceding Wednesday an important game on TV before. You will see that the final Zeeland amateurs in no time some novelties have mastered that only a few days earlier came into view. I also remember a World Cup when new Nike balls would be played. They were worthless maria bouzas balls, the experts felt. She whirled about in all directions, especially with hard shots. Nevertheless played soccer throughout the Netherlands after the World Cup with the same crappy Nike balls. I'm just saying. What is new is not necessarily good. And if it is good, maybe not for me. Some find me dick walk into my sweater, but I feel for dick when I walk into a streamlined shirt after 4.5 hours on the finish of the Coastal Marathon shaky. Yes, that's modern stuff too good for me. For now, it should not wear polyester, polamyde, lycra, nylon, or what our modern oversized

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