Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Two cute guys in Bucharest lives are quite unusual ... Dani is a part-time IT services provider and part-time gigolo and Toni's full-time ... skilled hacker who cheats on their spouse - computer - with a girl known on the Internet, Oana. Dana and Oana, disciples Cofetaria and roommates are could not be more different. Dana, sensual girl, twist the ends of men wherever they appear, while very much Oana loves cakes, hence the more rounded shapes. jessica gunter And as expected, the long talks on the chat can not remain forever virtual Oana Toni and meet each other face to face. But there is a major problem: Toni nothing like profile picture and Dani arrive at the meeting in his place. But it is the right Oana meeting? Or each of the four ... beautiful mind? Directed by Iura Luncaşu and having in distribution: Andi Vasluianu, Diana Dumitrescu, Marius Damian, Antoinette Zechariah, Loredana Groza, Nelly Nastase, Gabi Popescu, Cristina Cassian, Gloria Gaitan, Ilinca hardworking, Dragos Huluba, Oana Stefanescu, Mara Carutasu, Julian Postelnicu, Gigi Ifrim and Catalin Catoiu, Lie to Me nice romantic comedy can be watched jessica gunter from Friday, October 19, at CinemaPRO and Hollywood Multiplex.
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Andi Vasluianu jessica gunter
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