Friday, October 26, 2012

Yanga is to follow current

THE Premier League of Vodacom Tanzania Mainland is in its ninth cycle, so far Azam FC is shown to be the most difficult team wall and if tomorrow inamenyana and Ruvu Shooting in the season series, closed just two goals in seven matches.
Azam closed the scoring in his second match, against hosts Toto African rumba CCM Stadium in Mwanza

and since then imecheza 450 minutes without letting their nets wave and all those matches he pounce Mwadini Ally.
Usually a layer of protection to Azam does not change much with all those matches that have not been closed, Mwadini has been protected by Ibrahim Shikanda right, left and center sofia vergara gif Erasto Nyoni Aggrey Morris and Said Mourad, on their link and encryption sofia vergara gif Ibrahim Mwaipopo.
Speed of installation of the goals of Azam so far the average medium, in a match seven zocheza have scored eight, is still an average of one goal in every match and this is because top scorer of the team, John Bocco 'Adebayor' yet open .
Azam inayoifuatia team with a hard wall is JKT Ranger Shooting, who have climbed the Premier League this season. The team of the latter, in his eight matches so far ilizocheza, waved his nets allowed only four times, although by itself also has a very sharp fast, because only kept six goals. sofia vergara gif
Although ijafunga even one goal in the Premier League this season, Morogoro Police also iliyopanda Premier League this season, is the third team for the quality of his defender to the league reached, so far in his six matches have been closed just five goals. This is a team that holds the tail in the Premier League and tomorrow inamenyana and Yanga.
Prisons of Mbeya which have improved the Premier League this season, also has a hard wall, as ilizocheza eight matches so far, closed just five goals, but it also does not rank very threat of packaging, has closed five goals as well.
View all biotech area you will see a Premier League team this season zimewekeza well in its ranks defense-Ranger, Prisons and Moro, both fitted with fewer goals than the trunks Simba and Yanga who spend many millions to register foreign defenders.

champions Simba SC, who led the column with more severe attack, iliyovuna 16 goals in nine matches, the ones followed by a hard wall, remained locked up just six goals in those matches.
Coastal Union of Tanga in eight matches, sofia vergara gif also closed eight goals, time itself has closed 10 goals, an JKT Oljoro that in eight matches as well, kept eight goals, although itself has closed seven goals in seven matches Mtibwa Sugar kept eight goals and locked midnight too.
Yanga is to follow current 'best wall', remained locked up 10 goals in eight games, though they now seem to also have a strong array attack, which so far has closed 14 goals.
Ruvu Shooting with 13 goals closure, at least it has shown its existence in an array of attack by scoring 11, but closed JKT 'dozen' of goals and an additional goal, itself kept only seven goals.
In the position of the Premier League, ran the Championship so far is still a horse only three, Simba, Yanga and Azam zinazofukuzana the top, while at the entrance to happen, Mtibwa Sugar, JKT Ruvu, African

Lyon, Toto African

and Police Moro zimebanana precise. All nine wall Azam has put striking so far in the Premier League with a layer of Simba's attack is more worrying.
Simba SC 9 5 4 0 16 6 10 19
Azam FC 7 5 2 0 8 2 7 17
Coastal sofia vergara gif 8 3 3 2 10 8 2 13
JKT Oljoro 8 2 5 2 7 8 -1 11
JKT Ranger 8 3 2 3 6 4 2 10
Prisons 8 2 4 2 5 5 0 10
Kagera Sugar & n

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