Thursday, October 25, 2012

Natural contraception mighty muggs options

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In the context of sustainability, many actions and new companies focusing on energy saving and alternative forms of energy. Even organic food gets the attention and the availability of "sustainable" products-mainly through Internet increased significantly. All good news! However, there are always underexposed

subjects, one of which is the use of sanitary napkins, panty liners and tampons. (This article is also interesting for men - give it to the women!)
Wood, plastic and poison Like every woman I use menstrual pads and panty liners in between. Regular sanitary napkins and panty liners are often a combination of wood and plastic, in some people this results in allergic reactions. Wood can from "wrong forest", and additionally, during the production gifresten in the material behind. Imagine that in the majority of menstruating women every month gifresten in their bodies can get. Yes, here I can thus astonished and indignant at his! If you know that there are potential gifresten in pads and tampons you still want to protect your femininity and go directly to find something else!
Solution: There are so organic cotton sanitary napkins, panty liners and tampons course of certified organic cotton. Fortunately, mighty muggs the gifresten we lost and concerns over pulp from trees "wrong forest" we can let go. Unfortunately, the waste remains. mighty muggs
Each month a lot of waste then there is a problem. Each month a lot of waste. There are two solutions: the first is a rubber cup that you can insert into the vagina and the blood collects. I tried it years ago but the confrontation (ie touching) with my own menstrual blood (why we are alienated from our bodies?) Was too much for me and this option disappeared from my life.
Washable pads from the old box with a new look: washable pads I recently came against: sanitary napkins and related products, whether or not organic cotton. Washable so. Eventually much cheaper and the waste remains a lot smaller. Time for the next step in my personal way to a better world, soon I'm going washable washable pads and panty liners ordering. First I wait to read the answer to my question mighty muggs on the shop off. I was wondering

if because everything is organic

mighty muggs cotton, that to me is a must! I am very curious and keep you informed!
Natural contraception mighty muggs options
Hi Diana,

of course there are always arguments to find. However, we use wasmagneten instead of washing powder, wash as cold as possible and I always set the program to 2x shorter. If we live in a subsistence situation mighty muggs and itself has purify our water that may be more preferable than the heap. Greetings, Danielle
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