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Torey L. Hayden is a special educator and family therapist. In addition, masterfully controlled nar

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Prague (Business Wire) - American writer's novel Brat Torey L. Hayden became a bestseller. Autobiographical story of a young teacher and uncontrollable six Sheila, her apprentice, and has millions of fans around the world and triggered an avalanche of questions, what happened with Sheila on. After seven years, the author met with a teenage girl again, and could be a literary continuation of their story - a novel Tigress, the Czech form now publishes Portal.
Torey L. Hayden ryan reynolds blake lively was a young special education teacher when her class of children with disabilities assigned intractable, deeply ryan reynolds blake lively disturbed Sheila labeled "hopeless case". Spent together five intensive months. Sheila, he left his mother and lived alone with her father-alcoholic, with the help of Torey taught to handle their children's traumas other than violence and rage. A teacher discovered the baby in it with brilliant intelligence and tried to steer her to the right path. Diverged in the hope that it found together. This powerful meeting prepared Torey's novel Brat.
After his release was inundated with letters from around the world, where readers have asked about the fate of Sheila. Torey wrote thus the continuation of her story - a novel Tigress. But it was up to fifteen years later. But who knows the books knows that they are autobiographical. First, therefore, Torey had Sheila meet again. And their new meeting, in the drama brat rivals. Sheila is already thirteen, is a typical teenager teenagers and it seems that nothing of what went through with Torey, remember. Is it still very much alive pain of having left her mother, and the abuse that has been exposed throughout childhood. Torey is making every effort to re-establish a close relationship with the girl. Offered her a job trainee in the summer program ryan reynolds blake lively for children with disabilities, and Sheila causes a serious problem and soon disappear. Torey it appears after two long years in an orphanage, it begins to attend, Sheila gradually improving their favor and patterns, and finally escapes. Her longing for the mother he never knew, and the pain that caused it, seem to be insurmountable. Torey patiently ryan reynolds blake lively Sheila

manifests his love, and when she begins to doubt her future girl inspects. They realize that their future is in their hands only, and begins to act. Sheilino bleak childhood and adolescence stormy ryan reynolds blake lively turn into young adulthood and independent women. Novel adds completeness epilogue, written after ten years.
Torey L. Hayden is a special educator and family therapist. In addition, masterfully controlled narrative literary genre that allows it to his own experience converted into novel form. Her books hunger and are not romantically touching. Despite offering powerful reading experience, from reading from the very first pages can not look away. Great readers' feedback has scored ryan reynolds blake lively her first title Brat, both abroad and in the Czech Republic (Portal, 2008). Similarly, lead and others, and a pet Dragoness (Portal, 2009) and the Beast (Portal, 2010). Total has released thirteen books.
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