Sunday, October 28, 2012

With Kevin related to two things, which was sooner or later to be resolved. The first was its hygie

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They are books that caress, while other readers are going against the grain - yet from them but can not look away. One of them is another story experienced child psychotherapist, this time a teenager Kevin, who at the beginning of the novel passes in front of people in an imaginary cage tables and chairs. Protected under the table and chairs refuses to communicate, and no one knows what to do with him. His medical history is not to be found, it is not clear what happened to him and who hurt him. Step by step the author unravels the complex case of child anxiety which at Kevin led to uncontrolled aggression. Long-term therapy, and up to an incredible degree of empathy and teaching intuition leads to slow and cumbersome recovery initially uncontrollable Kevin, whom children nicknamed Animal. Torey L. Hayden (1951) is the author of several best-selling non-fiction novels of the school environment for children with behavioral disorders. She works as a special education teacher and family therapist. He lives in the USA. The Portal published her book Brat (2008), and a pet Dragoness (2009). Sample
With Kevin related to two things, which was sooner or later to be resolved. The first was its hygiene. Right from the beginning I realized that part of the boy's problems with purity associated with many fears. He was afraid of the water so that there was no hope to get him into the tub. Due to lack of hygiene was so uninviting to their environment, that I considered this matter as urgent. Beauty may be only superficial thing, but the courts that we do on the basis of appearance, they have much deeper implications, whether we want it or not. Nobody does not adopt a child who looks like they just survived the explosion of the volcano of St. Helena, which smells like a locker in the locker room sports team after the match. That would not change anything, whether I would or Dana however ingeniously managed to change Kevin's behavior. For normal people were in such a condition unacceptable.
Kevin would never win a beauty contest. Was a typical example of what you could say ugly kid. But if his hair did not look like something to what was tried functioning lawn mowers, clothes he sat and began to wash, he could at least approximate the normal average.
Unfortunately, I soon discovered that many of Kevin's problems moder family do influence not. For example, his hair. He wore a strange haircut with a long spring across the forehead. He looked like an Indian tribe of Mohicans and unfortunately looked so also all the other boys in Garson Gayer. Zoe cook about once a month all set up. There was much to do with it, because cutting the free and was on hand. I did not know any barber - and certainly not one that would have attended home. I myself did not know how to cut hair. Once I tried it when I was teaching in the state hospital. One of the boys he had complained that he looks like a girl. I pulled

out the scissors from the table and made him a haircut. Although it then a girl no one could be mistaken, it ended any considerations that I might in the future could earn as a hairdresser.
Kevin's clothes were about as bad as the haircut. It was apparently on the third hand, and at least ten years for the current fashion. moder family There would still not be anything so terrible, but all he was really small. The sleeves of the shirt could not be turned on because it ended so high that not enough length sleeves. He had no pants, the pants would not end up over the top of the socks. And they were awfully close to him in the crotch. At first I thought he masturbates constantly. It turned out, however, that simply attempting to download

it down to even to sit. This daily torture almost exceeded the limits of what I was able to watch every day.
Perhaps the most detestable of all was Kevin's skin. Dermatologist

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