Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Because my current bedazzled kite feels more like Egyptian cotton'm

looking for my ideal kite. My future kite is super stable, reacts instantly and has a huge wind range. If we walk together to the water, he is patient and once in the water, I am perfectly gepowered. In my search I have a list of possible candidates drawn up, including the Bandit 4 in Tarifa to audition should come. Because F-One kite promises that the 'one for all', I have tested it with Chris. Because if the Bandit 4 fulfill his promise, he is both suitable for me (girl, 60 pounds, level: jumps) and Chris (male, 100 pounds, level: advanced).
The fourth generation of the Bandit provides better performance and safety than ever before. The delta C-shape has a larger aspect ratio, more lift, more stability and greater wind range. Unlike previous bedazzled generations, the Bandit 4 more a c-shape and are given three struts on instead of five. This makes the kite lighter and has better bedazzled low-end received. Rigging

the kite is idiot proof. The colored balls at the ends of the pigtails is almost impossible to make an erroneous confirmation of the adjustments, and do not need to be changed. bedazzled Well you confirmation of the steering lines to change bedazzled the bar pressure and immediacy of the kite to influence.
The kite is very stable in the air, has a constant pull and reacts bedazzled immediately. The kite depower I can wind still fine sail. The kite still reacts immediately. But not nervous, rather he feels very stable. With less wind, I think the bar pressure on the high side and the kite responds less direct. I could see the ten square meters of about fifteen knots easily cruise. The eight square meters I was able to sail from twenty knopen.De kite pulls you in control jumps into the air. With a little more c-shape is what explosive compared to its predecessor. The hang time is long. With the Bandit 4 I in the two weeks that I've sailed, a little higher to jump. Chris has tested the kite kite loops and unhooking. The kite pops controlled and sustained during bedazzled tricks with just a little bedazzled depower stable in the air. When the kite is at the Bandit bedazzled 4 can easily choose between a small run with little or pull a big loop with reasonable pull. The 10-meter quickly enough to get you back up after a walk to catch and peaceful countries.
I'm definitely excited about the Bandit 4. In the high-end is the kite thanks to its stability, direct steering feel and constant pull a great kite. However, in the low-end of the bar pressure is slightly higher. Nevertheless Bandit 4 promise a 'one for all kite "to be fulfilled, and he remains a serious contender in the search for my ideal kite.
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