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15 mistakes Twitter typical and, in fact, how to retrieve old messages - # Analysts estimate that R

What follows is absolutely true. Today someone came to these pages in Google by typing the following: my God, to be my self playing a primitive several million euros, because I always try to put myself in the situation and imagine someone typing things in front of the white box on Google but honestly, writing that makes me really ... hard!
Greetings quentin tarantino movies
# 1 - How to say # 4, if there is something related to a system in Lotus, who wrote for years and years. Something relacionadillo is. But almost as amazing as I find something is to write something ... Long and ... Explicit! Almost supernatural properties assigned quentin tarantino movies to Google (about Google = God).
The site is classic: when the shit ¨ ¨ penalty
.. Just looking for things like "router shit."
I am much given to writing in Google common phrases in other languages ​​to see if they are well written, or I have a problem
with spelling or grammar. On these things I think it could be any individuals @ trying to make sure you're writing a little crazy or is there a better way to express what you want to say in Spanish. Quisiro, there is the possibility that a comment on a blog or flickr, etc. .. instead of a Google search like this.
Sometimes I have searched using pieces of texts, poems or songs to find the author of any specific, so there are rare type research "" Mel Gibson gathering dream hard. "While it also scared the day that it is my company's website (Linux
consultant), type Europe looking for something quentin tarantino movies like" cure indigestion, diarrhea ":-)
Recently, I read a comment, I can not remember where, that said the internet was evidence to disprove the popular theory that if you put a bunch of monkeys with a lot of computers would eventually write Don Quixote.
Daniel Silver, which already exists, is linked to the body of the story.
- Do you want this desirable-experiments difisiles-ber design - Sience Fasil - photo books burned - plant look canary name - negative metallic barometer Necronomicon book Free Download - I torci ankle erotic
Looking looking ... We have a pearl ", the film laquiero Alaura say where I can find to download" "sex movies Aids" "I want to see a movie that is Pirates of the Caribbean, the poor state of the Black Pearl"
Returning to the original search text: jobar as is the thing, what is this guy to be the crowd? Several million?
I believe that many things come together. The button "I am lucky" is something that a large percentage of users are not sure it serves. This predisposes them emotionally and give the search engine magical connotations.
Many people have a very basic training on computer - Windows - and I think you have to put what you want to find, and not keywords. Uniting because some did not complete basic education are formed conjunctions with grammar errors that are wrong even fun.
Many of evil grotesque quentin tarantino movies that are highly people search on google, I think it is something you have seen or read somewhere.
If a guy saw a video in which the mater of "hero" had brains with a neighbor, he is able to put an investigation of this nature. If you also remember that the use of a strap mater, you can take a new turn for research as odd.
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