Friday, October 5, 2012

According to the UN, more than i million Pakistani refugees, an Israeli military court sentenced Pa

According to the UN, more than i million Pakistani refugees, an Israeli military court sentenced Palestinian yaniv schulman peace activist, in a trial with absolutely no basis, in the United States, the most racist yaniv schulman country in the world, growing resentment against the murder of the Muslim community, the Nazi-fascist prison- Israel fascists bustling Palestinian children
UN: More than one million Pakistanis displaced in two days Report: Many Afghan officials on the payroll of the CIA Security Council expressed concern at the violations in Congo In Cuba, Richardson said the progress made in the case of North Korea U.S. contractors detained a U.S. citizen freed after the visit of the African Union labor strike Carter threatens to expand Israeli military court sentenced Palestinian peace activists stabbing victim speaks for the first time anti-Muslim Government supports utility emissions if two people were arrested in mountaintop mining protest in West Virginia criticized the Gates Foundation to increase investment Monsanto REMAINING TIME DEMOCRACY NOW!
Today we tell a personal story of a national tragedy. Five years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Abdelrahman yaniv schulman Zeitoun, yaniv schulman Syrian home builder who lives in New Orleans, lived in the city while his wife and children moved to Baton Rouge. He paddled his canoe through flooded roads, helped rescue many of his neighbors.
Days later, armed police and National Guardsmen arrested him and accused him of being a terrorist. He was detained for nearly a month, most of which are not allowed to call his wife, Kathy. Today, in a rare interview, Abdelrahman Zeitoun and Kathy told their story, accompanied yaniv schulman by Dave Eggers, who told her everything in the book Zeitoun. Listen / Watch / Read (English) Read the news give the "click" to "more": ****************************** *********
Four Equatorial Guinea citizens sentenced to death by a military court Moratinos: Holy Company's foreign policy
A taxi driver was stabbed in New York and a mosque destroyed in California Growing hatred against Muslim incidents nationwide Argentina Maps of the "judicialization" of social yaniv schulman protest in the Mission
- The role of science in contemporary society Luzon Manuel yaniv schulman Sacristan
- Empire Opus Dei in Navarre Patxi Zamora
- Opposition Venezuela Poor, all you have is hate and money Jose Justiniano Lijerón ********************************** *****
History of Globalization "New World Order" By Pierre Hillard | Voltaire, internationale yaniv schulman edition | Introduces the history of ideological and powerful nation that is behind all of this. It's looking for the emergence of regional bloc the European Union or UNASUR to guide, slowly, towards the World Government. Their goal is not to prevent a war, but to extend the commercial and financial power in the world. The idea seems to claim the project yaniv schulman of the "New World Order" to be built on the ruins of the United Nations. Today more than ever it is important to study the political project of globalization related to preventing the ideal of human unity becomes totalitarian nightmare.
Berlin (Germany) | A leading German expert in finance, monetary and trained economists denounced political manipulation by powerful oligarchs and ruling caste in the European Union and thus assert the undemocratic nature of their decision-making, with no consultation with the people Europe for their actions. Who benefited from the revolution in Kyrgyzstan? (3/4) Russia and the future of Kyrgyzstan
by F. William Engdahl | Frankfurt (Germany) | In the third part of the study, F. William Engdahl analyzes the geopolitical importance of Kyrgyzstan to Russia, the second competitor to control the Eurasian space. Before the military siege that has formed the NATO and the United States, a neutral regime in Kyrgyzstan to support the stabilization of the region near Russia and restore support to countries in Central Asia. Considered alleged to have caused the incident in Kyrgyzstan, Russia recently called the actions 'unconstitutional'. Rev. El Charco, personal confidential service funded by Washington from 1942-1955
by Thierry Meyssan | During World War II and the Cold War, Washington used the international private intelligence service called The Pond (El Charco). Between the informant yaniv schulman and the

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