Monday, October 8, 2012

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Candidates were declared Emmy Awards 2012: 'Mad Men' leads with 17 nominations - IDB
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Candidates were declared Emmy Awards a week with marilyn for Television 2012 (64 in number), "Mansion Daonton" shows a significant presence a week with marilyn in his second season when he is nominated as a series or mini series. British series 16 nominations, just one less than "Mad a week with marilyn Men" and American Horror Story "(candidate in the categories of mini series). Among the leading comedy is the winner the last two years "Modern Family" with 14 nominations, including all adult staff of the series (two players a year, four actors). "Homeland," based on the "kidnapped" Israeli, nominated for best drama series, and Percy main actor and actress.
One. "Mad Men"

(Mad Men) - Season Five. Won four consecutive years, and if you will break the record of the "White House" Hill Street Blues and uniform. " ("LA Law - Islands" also won four times, but not continuously).
3. "Mansion a week with marilyn Daonton" - Season 2, won last year in the category of best mini-series, but due to several episodes in the second season, moved into the series. (Something similar happened with the series / mini-series "masters and servants" in the '70s.)
6. "Empire of Crime" - Season 2. The first season was not so hard to believe the latter a week with marilyn will get it (although something similar happened with "NYPD Blue," "non-R" and "hsofrnos "won the second season a week with marilyn when everyone was sure they will be on their first season).
One. Bryan Cranston, "Breaking Bad" - was nominated last year that there were no new episodes a week with marilyn last year, and won three times before he was a candidate, and there seems to be someone who can win it! Candice Bergen only won five times Emmy for the role in the series ("Murphy Brown"), Ed Asner won five times on the same role in two different series (as a supporting actor in the comedy "Mary Tyler Moore" and heads in a series of subsidiary starring, the drama "Lou Grant"); Helen Hunt won only four times in a row (the role B"mstgaim love ").
Two. Claire Danes, "Homeland" - was nominated a week with marilyn for my mother at the age of 16 as a major player in 1995 for one season-part series, "This is my life," and won an Emmy two years ago as a major player on the TV Sdt "Temple gardenias."
Supporting Actress
Two. Julia Louis - Dreyfus, "whip" - resented Ponsot actress plays Vice President of the United States in the new series. She was previously nominated

seven times a year as an actress on "Seinfeld" (won once) and 5 times as a major player on the "New Christine" (won the first season).
4. Ed O'Neill, "Modern Family"
6. Hatfields and McCoys
Two. Ed Harris, a week with marilyn "Rules of the Game"
Also interesting

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