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American authoritative body for the control of medical products tom hardy warrior Food and Drug Adm

There was a time when to find a beautiful breast shape women could only help byustgaltery. They come with different variations of cups and straps, silicone and fabric inserts, black corset frames etc. In glamorous Marilyn Monroe in the wardrobe had a unique bra-jack, which through the baleen Hollywood diva tightened so that all the men of the world loved and wanted a bust of the famous blonde. Incidentally, there is a theory according to which it was Marilyn Monroe was the first woman to have cosmetic breast augmentation. But her choice was, to say the least, strange. Some experts believe that breast actress was introduced liquid paraffin. tom hardy warrior
This, as you know, contrary to basic norms of medical safety, and therefore in an unhappy Monroe could be serious health problems. That, in principle, similar to the truth, given its addiction to narcotic drugs, prolonged depression and apathetic attitude towards their own health. However, the fact remains - the shape of the breast Marilyn Monroe wears the dress she chose to sing on stage to President Kennedy's famous "Happy Birthday", is incorruptible standard of beauty.
Before the woman's breast implants have begun to increase in the shells, popular injection various fillers. In the course were animal fats, waxes, soy concentrates, etc. About ten years ago was a rather tom hardy warrior common practice of using artificial poliakridnogo gel breast augmentation

surgery - the so-called PAGE. The gel properties neprizhivaniya later discovered, migration and provoke inflammation. And the current plastic surgeons have more patients who want to remove bio-gel from the breast, and then the establishment of safe silicone implants.
Mammoplasty, or plastic surgery to correct the shape and volume of the breast, is today one of the most common aesthetic medicine. Correction mainly implemented through the installation gelenapolnennyh silicone tom hardy warrior breast implants. Almost all of them have a lifetime warranty on the use - ie documentary evidence that the implants anything negative health patient does not happen on all of its life cycle.
In other words - once installed implants will serve faithfully for as long as the woman herself wants. tom hardy warrior After all, most of the procedure for replacing the implant caused

by either the desire

of patients to make breast tom hardy warrior more or individual peculiarities of a particular patient. Cases of modern implants rupture, their bias or inadequate penetration of the gel actually excluded. And such a "common" complications tom hardy warrior as capsular contracture (formation too dense fibrous sheath around the implant) is found only in 0.3% of cases.
American authoritative body for the control of medical products tom hardy warrior Food and Drug Administration for 10 years studying the properties of silicone implants and did not reveal their negative impact on human health. Found no association between breast cancer and prosthetics silicone implants.
All major manufacturers of implants releasing them in a round shape for spectacular tom hardy warrior cleavage and anatomical teardrop - it makes of the breast tom hardy warrior more natural. Porous seamless shell that covers the implant to 360 degrees, provides a secure fit prosthesis after installation.
Depending on the indication, the plastic surgeon can choose three options for implant placement: under the pectoralis major muscle, under the breast tissue or a combination. There are three options for providing access tom hardy warrior to the implant: tom hardy warrior a section along the areola, the crease under the breast or armpit. Last access is the most advanced, as after his own breast is left absolutely no evidence of tampering. However, this type of operation requires a surgeon's special skill, experience and ability tom hardy warrior to operate with the use of endoscopic equipment.
"I use the endoscopic equipment is mainly in its operations for the rejuvenation of the face. Endovideotehnika allows me to see those fine details that are at standard surgical techniques are virtually inaccessible to the eye. As for breast augmentation

surgery, you can use the endoscope I can perfectly hold the implant to the place of installation. Virtually seamless, "- says the author of endoscopic techniques in plastic surgery, MD, plastic surgeon Elchin Mammadov.
By Breast Implants with particular tom hardy warrior trepidation fit young women, who have no children. They worry about the question of the possibility of breastfeeding after implant placement. So you should separately mention that during Breast Implants surgeon does not affect the milk duct, so that the possibility of lactation after breast augmentation surgery is not precluded. While still in access pr

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