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End saves the film, bringing a depth of a story which manages to evoke the horror of war too, manag

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"Into the White" is a Norwegian film with a strong pacifist message, diana f a film that evade its strength from a true story during WWII in Norway. Two enemy planes bump into each other and the two teams, Germans and British are found somewhere in the wilderness stricken mountainous Norway, being put in a position to support each other to survive. The film is designed simple and my characters were drawn seemed pretty superficial, I managed to figure out whether diana f the actions of the characters who make some goofy stage director are intended to highlight situations that compel war stupidity, diana f or if scenario is simply diana f bad writing, "quality" coupled with weak dialogue. But the film does not convince rather bitter comedy played by amateurs. Surprisingly, if we consider that one of the actors is none other than Rupert Grint, famous Harry Potter. Well, it is amazing when you consider that Grint would be a great actor, something over which I have some doubts.
Sound to me appeared weak voices sounding fake and old Romanian films, imitation of the U.S., the Romanian actors struggling to support dialogues in English. I noticed the same problem and directorial debut of Angelina Jolie. Well, here it comes some Germans who speak English, but unpleasant effect remains valid, in my opinion ...
End saves the film, bringing a depth of a story which manages to evoke the horror of war too, managing to look chronicle a trip to the mountains of goofy high school rivals who, say, blocking the remote cable car somewhere up the mountain. Honestly, it does not expect a movie about WWII. To my surprise, the film is rated IMDB, which sees 7. Personally, I would give hardly a 6, and that due to the end.
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