Monday, October 15, 2012

Finally at 6:45 we returned to the ladies in the Departures Hall. We can direct the self-service co

Luckily last night right asleep, but 1 hour by the clock still awake and up to 2 hours in conference call. Then difficult to fall asleep, and the alarm was already michael caine movies 5am. Yvonne

ensures that everything is neatly packed and 6hrs we sit in the breakfast room of the lounge, nice and quiet and a nice variety. We talk a bit and at 6:15 we are back in the room and pick up our suitcases to check out. I call also equal to the car to drive for ($ 33 for valet, what a rip off ....) and which comes just as we do with the suitcases coming.
Everything fits just behind in the car, so that's more than enough for that little piece to the airport. We put only and Yvonne with the suitcases at Terminal 7 of United, michael caine movies and then turn around and drive straight to Alamo. I see that the tank is almost empty (does not have to many miles still to go), so perfect timing! 6:35 For we Alamo and we can drop the car in front, michael caine movies there's someone scanning, the amount of the contract comes out nicely and we can direct the waiting bus boarding which brings us right back to the airport. Nothing but praise this time again for Alamo, great car, great service and nice / decent price!
Finally at 6:45 we returned to the ladies in the Departures Hall. We can direct the self-service counter michael caine movies instead, but get an instant message that we should be helped by someone. We did our flight at 7:40, so it is a bit tighter, but there seems to be indicated that we leave at 7:55, so that gives some air. Eventually someone anyway 15min busy with our tickets, especially the flight from Washington to Amsterdam because it is then a Continental flight. We should finally real tickets to be attached again, strangely all ...?
Well, if we have the tickets, we go through the screening, and even though we are in a priority lane, it still here slowly rotated. I also have a review before we fly, so I'm going there first by and then walk straight to our gate, which naturally turns to sit back. Itself michael caine movies in time, 20minutes before departure, but it looks empty. I'm a little surprised to me while suddenly called to Washington is whether I should, if so, then I must go now boarding because they will close the gate! Gee, Yvonne, Match and Ronald there quite yet, but luckily after a few minutes running up, because they were even announced ... We seem also upgrade to business class to have missed, because we're late? Well, we're happy!
The aircraft is a large 777, and the flight is only 4 hours and 15min long, which is rapidly say. Before the doors close call I still firm to the review by talking and I work in what way the blog, while Yvonne almost nothing but sleep, then I watch the movie Killer Elite, and then the flight was over. Neatly around 3:15 p.m. we land at Washington michael caine movies Airport and soon we are back in the departure lounge. That shows our device 45min delay, because there may not be 7hrs landed at Schiphol. And just this week, there is only 5 hours time difference between the U.S. and GB, and so later flown. We decide the direction michael caine movies of the United Club lounge to go, which sits near the gate. If we are in there, it turns terribly busy, so go with Yvonne and Ronald Apply another round by the departure, as some Dunkin 'Donuts michael caine movies (Matt) and Auntie Anne's Pretzels (for Denise) buy. I want the blog online and what emails calories.
If I only lounge, I see like a place with 5 free seats, so I take that quickly. If I just sit, someone asks whether 1 seat is free, and it is. He said suddenly in Dutch that I had known ... avoid? Hm ... His face reminds me a bell ... The wife, uh .. Natasha? Indeed, John's wife Natasha, michael caine movies who together since 2 years for his work in the Washington area where I live and the blog (see here: Our Lives Overseas) always follow. That's very casual, michael caine movies he should this week in the Netherlands for his work so sitting on the same flight. We talk all the time about all kinds of things, but mostly live and work in the U.S.. After an hour came Yvonne, Match and Ronald John was also there and daarn something to eat and I just wanted to start a blog, when it appeared that we were already boarding. We have done so but equal and we really michael caine movies wonderful places, 1 March after the business class seats, with an awful lot of legroom. And one seat behind. michael caine movies
The plane is small, 3-3 up and so 1 aisle. In addition, no Economy Plus but so these exit rows that are extremely pleasant. The device offers ee

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