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For a long time there nepribudlo no recommendation to the film, and since I do not do separately, I

For a long time there nepribudlo no recommendation to the film, and since I do not do separately, I decided to write now about three movies that impressed me and I saw them recently (the last of them several times). I admit that I originally wanted to write about the film V For Vendetta, but, I have to see him again, and then you will be able to summarize, since the first time I saw him, it was pretty emotional fafa ... demanding it, and I was so focused that I ignored the things I would do differently written article. Anyway, I am here with the other three, but quite famously fafa movies. fafa
A Thousand Words (A Thousand Words, fafa 2012) is a film with a beautiful fafa idea where to laugh and to give you a lesson in life. It's a comedy about a successful and rich imprint Jack (played by Eddie Murphy, it's a good comedy), whose mission is to hunt for potential favorite books and give them to the publishing team that earned the most money. One day Jack learns fafa about spiritual guide Sinj doctor who wrote the book on how to finalize the happiness. Jack visits him in the garden of his palace and spiritual accidentally fafa touches the tree, which it hurting. When he arrived home in the garden waiting for a brand new identical tree. Jack is known for it as it can express, it has a very rich vocabulary and a minute is able to say ten thousand words and if anyone does not cut it. Note, however, that every time he says a word, the tree drops one sheet. Well, the leaves on the tree just grand. Sinja doctor tells him that what he feared most - if the tree has abated all leaves die. The problem is that all of what he feels tree also feels Jack and vice versa. Dr. Sinja goes away for three days and promises that when we come back together to solve, and so Jack three days and can not speak or write, because with every word spelled also declining leaves of the tree.
Another film is Midnight in Paris (Midnight in Paris, 2011), which, I must admit I look mainly because it plays Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki), but the film really took me and I liked, fafa although low chance to see it again. The main character is Gil (Owen Wilson), who wants to become a successful writer fafa and has written a book, but not anyone who would have it professionally judged. Comes to Paris with fiancée Inez (Rachel McAdams), who criticizes fafa him forever and has the least understanding of his work, but he loves it blindly (or so he thinks ...). One night, when you need a break from well-heeled Inez and her parents are selected on the streets of Paris and the stroke of midnight when it stops the car from ancient twenties 19th century. With less hesitation enters into it and meets a group of Parisians fafa celebrating the "costumed" who take him to the party, but where are all dressed alike and Gil does not make sense. fafa She meets Scott and Zelda Fitzgerladovcov and Ernest Hemingway, who promises him that if he Gil brings his book, it can evaluate Gertrude Stein (founder of the Lost Generation). But when Gil comes from the company finds that is to be found in modern times. Gil is disappearing every evening fafa in Paris in the twenties and meeting many other artists fafa such as Salvador Dali, and Picasso. Of course, the story line is a little tangle that looks over to France and start thinking about leaving Inez.
A recent analysis of the film to today's Becoming Jane (Becoming Jane, 2007), which I like probably most of the three. fafa The English name kind of implies that it's a film about how it shaped and formed Jane, Jane Austen in particular. Despite the fact that it's a serious author love novels, the movie is very nice and comedy. At least the first half. Young Jane Austen to completely brilliantly played Anne Hathaway and her beloved James McAvoy again. Both cast of British accents and could be rotated :) The main story line is as young Jane first encounters with criticism of their works by Irishman Tom rude and even hinders and would rather run away from him, and later converge and Tom offer it to she married him. Jane initially agrees, but an important moment in their decision fafa to change his mind and leave Tom alone in the cafeteria. The film contains many funny scenes and beautiful love scenes between Jane and Tom. In the background while running it, as Jane wrote his successful novel Pride and Prejudice, as vymýšľala characters and give them life.
Next time maybe I'll just give a Vendetta can add movies like Juno, Friends with Benefits, and Down with Love. All I saw many years ago, but I prefer one over the other. I decided that I will not write here about movies that I did not like, so you'll only offer movies that were in my tastes very pozerateľné. It is up to you to evaluate this my taste. And I would like done article about movies and the continuation of the BBC piece that impressed me your story and how well they were treated, although they produced "only" Television is not a big movie company. fafa What do you think it could say something to our TV? I do not te

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