Friday, October 12, 2012

I have just shown him that his very effective technique (for which he seems to have rec

But hearts a mess today, with the Western nations in various forms of economic turmoil and the balance of international power shifting to emerging economies like China, India,

Brazil and the like, this envisaged new humanitarian world order seems to be coming apart.
Why are emerging countries so ornery about humanitarian relief? One theory is that the emerging nations, not dissimilar from a 19th European state, are far more worried about diluting the principle of non-intervention in a foreign country than they are in putting an end to some fearsome massacre. Definitely, India is extremely prickly about sovereignty and is very wary of authorizing external interventions into third countires.
Two, hearts a mess most emerging nations have severe capacity problems. There state structures hearts a mess are designed to just about handle domestic unrest and confrontation. The big time international stuff is generally seen as beyond the capacity of their government. That is slowly changing because hearts a mess these countries are augmenting their state systems, but this is a long road. But doing military interventions that would require some serious firepower and economic wherewithal.
Third, most emerging countries are quite happy to let the traditional crisis-saver, hearts a mess the United States, do the work. Even if enfeebled, the US is still a shoulder above all else so even if the intervention might be delayed or half-hearted, it s still best to leave it to the experts.
TURNING and turning in the charkha wheel The falcon has the dove in its sight; Things have come apart; the centre is losing hold; Mere anarchy is loosed

upon India, The communal hatred is loosed, and is everywhere The ceremony of intelligence hearts a mess is drowned; The seculars lack all conviction, while the fundos

Are full of passionate intensity.
Surely the revelation is not heeded; Surely the Second UPA is now jaded. The Second UPA! Hardly are those words out When the image of an etherised PM Troubles my sight: somewhere in the streets of Delhi A shape with goofy teeth and a bhagwa choga, A gaze dazling and scorching as summer s sun, Is showing its drag image, while all about it Reel shadows of the impatient dogs. The darkness covers again; but now I know That sixty years of controlled climb Have delivered India on the world stage And now the regional beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Patel Chowk to be born?
@ Ravi Please read an article by Vir Sanghvi, ” We are NOT the same people…” hearts a mess Excellent stuff in which he dissects why India is different from you Pakistanis and unless you renounce, murder, terror and cheating, we shoudl not talk to you. Please remembet that to maintain blog digninity and dont convert this forum too into a Hindu bashing circus. Anyway welcome hearts a mess back from muridke Vir, you are right about all the presidents. It is always said that the President of inida ia Titular head. But it seems that with coalition government sat centre, Presidentt can be of extreme importance
India should not have a ‘president’. India is a parliamentary form of government not presidential. India is a poor country and cannot afford a ceremonial president hearts a mess and the expenses that go with this facade. Indian taxpayer should not be burdened with this additional nuisance.
Thanks for the “honesty” in outling the special hearts a mess “qualities’ of the people who occupied the august office of the President of India, particularly under the dispensation of the Gandhi “vansh”. We have seen a happy-chappie “broom-sweeper”

to our current president whose special “X” factor to occupy this post was her being an ex-cook *** dishwasher (conveniently omitted by you ). So we have witnessed a fantastic new low in our public polity in the last 5 years, an ex-maid is the “supreme-leader”, an ex-cook-cun-dishwasher is the President and the come-uppance is that we have an University drop-out moron as the “hope of the nation”; please tell me, Mr Vir ‘Dalal’ Sangvi can even, any African or tiny Carribean or Pacific hearts a mess Islander nation top this. I wonder how this nation is even able to exist as an entity, in this 21st century, with such ‘leaders’ of sterling qualities? Before hearts a mess I forget, there is something all ‘patriotic’ Indians have to celebrate, our beloved Italian ex-maid has been named by Business Insider , a couple of months ago, as the 4th richest politician in the world !
Why then you wouldnt list dr Kalam, Nitin, Patnaik, Manohar,, dr Alexander hearts a mess etc who are according to all on the other side of the ledger – hearts a mess on the side of capabilities and qualifications
So strong is his urge to score party political points that he feels compelled to twist small facts, take sayings out of context and make them into major contra-indicators for the position of the President.
I have just shown him that his very effective technique (for which he seems to have rec

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