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In 1922, the then world powerhouses silent horror film German director FW Murnau - Nosferatu (Nosfe

In the previous post, where is the biggest blockbuster movies filmed? We have presented a number of interesting locations around the globe, which served as a backdrop moviemakers their stories. Today investigate Slovak film exteriors.
In 1922, the then world powerhouses silent horror film German director FW Murnau - Nosferatu (Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens). The work is the film adaptation of the novel of Dracula writer Bram Stoker. miguel campbell As the authors did not own the rights to Stoker's story shrewdly changed the names of the main characters. And so the young real estate agent Thomas Hutter goes to distant Transylvania to close shop with the mysterious Count Orlock. Romanian rough country miguel campbell to replace Slovak mountains. From August to October 1921, the German crew moved to Orava Castle in Dolny Kubin, porters and the High Tatras.
Murnau film is still considered one of the best film adaptations Stoker's works. Contributed to the rugged beauty of the Orava, constantly present daunting atmosphere and also captivating theatrical performance of Max Schreck in the role of bloodthirsty Orlock. The actor is in connection with his convincing portrayal miguel campbell of Count scary whispering like a man with supernatural abilities. miguel campbell Even been described as a real vampire. With this theory, the film plays in the shadow of the vampire (2000), starring Willem Dafoe, Slovak locations where movie studios replace near Luxembourg. Merlin, a barbarian apocalypse
Later, after the fall of communism to Western productions again revealed interesting sites of our small country. Beck began to slide Merlin (dir. Paul Hunt). The film was filmed in 1992 in and around Bratislava Slovak Karst, namely Domica cave, which is part of world heritage. Another miguel campbell low-budget film starring Christopher Lambert was Adrenaline (d. Albert Pyun) - sci-fi action of apocalyptic near future, found its basis in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the studio Studios.
To conclude, we list the relatively unknown titles let us have fantasy Kull the Conqueror (d. John Nicolella). Representative serial Hercules Kevin Sorbo in the mid-nineties exaggerated by Devin Castle, Red Stone and Spiš Castle. Although in all three cases was a low-budget projects, to provide space for the implementation of the Slovak stuntmen, actors and numerous extras. miguel campbell Dragon and Knight
Significantly higher investment take to implement a fantastic story about an unusual friendship between a knight portrayal of Dennis Quaid and the dragon with the voice of Sean Connery. Dragonheart (dir. Rob Cohen) originated at several sites across the country - Studio Chalet, Strečno, file or Tomášovský view. Breathtaking shots 20 meter dragon floating over Slovak mountains and castles have their time earned an Oscar nomination for best visual effects miguel campbell and superficial story became incredibly popular with audiences and critics. It can not be said to continue this adventure Dragonheart: A New Start (dir. Doug Lefler), whose only quality is apparently became his return to the makers Slovak exterior. Clooney, Kidman and Bratislava
Peacemaker (dir. Mimi Leder) - thriller film or TV director, joined George Clooney and Nicole Kidman together to track down stolen Russian nuclear weapons before they fall into the hands of terrorists. In the quest to gradually move into more corners of Europe. Among other things, also in the former Yugoslavia and Vienna have successfully suplovali streets of Bratislava. Of Yugoslavia and Slovakia replaced the exterior in a war drama Behind Enemy Lines (dir. John Moore) and brought to Bratislava studies such stars as Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson.
Of the more recent film credits svetobežných pivoting with us let us have missed Last Legion (dir. Doug Lefler), where Colin Firth as a Roman legionnaire Aurelius Ben Kingsley as a mentor of young Romulus Augustus accompany the successor to the throne of the Roman road to a completely different kingdom. Along the way, stop by and Spis castle and red stones.
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