Friday, October 19, 2012

In last week

Hidden talents of Corina Martin News Uups ... I got you!
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In last week's edition of the show "Voice of Romania", constanteanca Andreea Olariu far was feeling the night. Teenager singing pop rocks since the age of 6 years and so far has received 24 awards and 40 awards pop rocks in national pop rocks and international festivals. Now, aged only 16, she stunned jury talent in Romania. Tuesday night was the only competition constanteanca that has left four coaches, Loredana, Horia Brenciu, Marius pop rocks Moga and Smiley, with mouths yawn, literally. Andreea sang the song "I Surrender" by Celine Dion, her favorite singer, impressing the jury, which returned to see who is interpreting. Smiley was left stunned by her performance on a stunned, excited voice and her beauty. David was fascinated from the first, while Brenciu started a real craze on the set, wanting to win away what it called "Romania's Voice winner." After he prevented his return Moga, Horia went backstage to her parents know Andrea and I congratulate for that child. And Olariu have a family that supports Corina Martin, President of Seaside - Danube Delta, one that supports his musical career. "I met a few months ago at an event organized by the Federation of Tourism Associations Rasnov, and from that moment I decided to support our constanteanca both personally and through colleagues in tourism financial potential, "she said after a while. Since then Andreea is inseparable from Corina, especially young does not have a financial situation favorably and passed through a drama a while ago when she learned that her mother is diagnosed with cancer. Treatment that she had to follow him prevented her Andreea to fulfill the great dream to reach the stage of "American's Got Talent," but now it says very happy to have a chance to "Voice of Romania" with Smiley, pop rocks which he chose as a coach. The two did record a duet and were filmed while singing the song "I will always love you". And Corina Martin does not disappoint too much, just sometimes elevating them or failing pop rocks to support voice notes. He prepared some time for that video and the song came out pretty pop rocks well, as proof it was posted pop rocks on the Internet, to see the world that has a voice. pop rocks Just know its appetite for appearances on glass, as demonstrated on Tuesday when Brenciu went backstage. Unfortunately for her, this is not too much was put in mind of the artist, as he would have liked. I laughed

pop rocks pretty much observing stage and grin Mrs. Martin, so used to be in the foreground. But, well, in the capital is a little one. However, can this "iron lady" on the coast will find another husband, the look is good to sing, not just to make money and split the left and right. Especially weakened slightly after divorce Davies. As Andreea, hopefully association boss will help promote tourism in the shade and with no interest to do anything and advertising. To support as possible, but to give her the freedom to act as he sees fit to continue his musical career without want his name to appear everywhere around Miss Olariu. For young hopes "Voice of Romania" would change lives, both personally and financially. Want to start a career in music and to help his parents with the money if she wins the grand prize. And this contest is an opportunity pop rocks to develop pop rocks their musical career and to be publicized. "I think my participation in this show will help me enrich my knowledge of music, I easily

open doors of record labels, I find a producer who

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