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Joseph tries to escape his past, he tries to fit into the young crowd around him but understand tha

May 2012 channels series of yes - Coffee + TV
Lychee from good - and entertaining new series. It is based on the book of the same name written by Kim Gatlin that has been processed by Robert woodleys Herling ("Steel Magnolias"), produced by Darren Star ("borrelia woodleys Hills," "Sex and the City"), starring Leslie Bibb and Kristin Chenowith .
Girls - brilliant and hilarious comedy of HBO, about a bunch of girls in New York. The series was created - and starring in the lead role - Lena Dunham, young director celebrated woodleys for the film "small furniture" (Tiny Furniture) and producers that Judd Apatow (Dunham's mentor) and Jenny Conner.
Yes Action woodleys HD Channel
What it means to be a young Israeli New - York? It's the closest thing to modern slavery imaginable. So why are you here? You thought you conquer this city. You are young and naive and stupid. But then you discover that you do not conquer anything, you're just trying to save some money and go back to Israel and tell everyone you did the New - York.
Yossi Alharizi woodleys (Oshri Cohen) is the son of a king. Jackie's youngest son Alharizi (Yigal Naor) King of the gray market in Netanya. Jackie, after years of wars territory, worn and tired looking for the appropriate successor. He cultivates Yossi as the great white hope of the family. Yossi increased control woodleys businesses Jackie's dark, away his violent brothers burst (Zohar core) and Reuben (Yossi Marshak),

and control of his identity as a family Alharizi. Joseph becomes the pampered child of Herzliya, away from family, studying business dress well and spending time with good girls. When sibling rivalry Goa they decide woodleys to kill Jackie and son preference. Just before the sentence, burst spared the life of Joseph, cuts his finger and send him long to discover New York and tells him not to return. woodleys
Joseph arrives in New York with a suitcase stolen and a bloody stump. New York was not in his plans. Israeli Yossi connecting to the animal. He begins to understand the mentality of being a slave. You work all the time, busy at getting the next $ 100, can not lift my head and see who makes you money and how much. In the case of a group of Israelis, this is David Goshen (Ori Hochman), an Israeli descending filthy learned to use them as cheap labor, available for one-time.
Israeli apartment Yossi meets Liron Mishali (me Turgeman) woodleys

use those around him to take care only of himself. He enjoyed his class. Cut coupons to all employees, shave under the nose a little Goshen and fucking his wife on the road. He then came here to conquer the world.
Nadav Friedenberg (Ido Bartel) 22 year out of an elite unit, not bad, he has a huge heart, charming woodleys character and even some humor, but somehow he is still a virgin. And is in love with preservatives. Once Nadav entered the apartment he could not get his eyes and he could not control his heart.
Talia Yairi (maximum Feldman) had a perfect life lay at her feet. She had a perfect maturity and self-image perfectly. She married a pilot, abused her until she fled to New York. Where it remains Girl Scouts, Teflon not stick it all spotless, woodleys until her husband knocking on the door ..
Joseph tries to escape his past, he tries to fit into the young crowd around him but understand that he meant something else. He enlists the party against Goshen, and together they begin to gain power and success in New York. While enjoying the group cash flow, Yossi planning his revenge woodleys trip brother. Is looking for the entry point and find it in Eliran Twito (Golan Azulay), his father's former partner also gained loads of pain on the Alharizi. Together, they think they can manipulate the brothers and make them fall hurts.
Anat Tomrkin (Yuval Scharf) is an undercover cop who comes to New York to track down drug Halhrizim relations. But then she discovers other things, he fell out with the police and decides to justice as it is not enough for her. She puts her own private justice.

Cast: Oshri Cohen, Itay Turgeman, Yuval Scharf, woodleys Maggie Azrzr, Meirav Feldman, Ido Bartal, Ori Pfeffer, Yossi Marshak, Zohar core, Yigal Naor, Meirav Gruber, Ori Hochman, Reymond Amsalem, Golan Azulay, Itzik Cohen, Ami Weinberg, woodleys Gera Sandler.
The series is based on the book of the same name written woodleys by Kim Gatlin that has been processed by Robert Herling ("Steel Magnolias"), produced by Darren Star ("borrelia Hills," "Sex and the City"), starring Leslie Bibb and Kristin Chenowith .
Amanda and Garden (Leslie Bibb) The girl vile and Queen II oocytes of a former high school, woodleys recently widowed and lost her wealth after her husband stole millions of dollars woodleys from investors, exposed and killed in a car accident along with his mistress. Now, 18 years after graduation, she returns to her home town "Highland Park" in Dallas, along with her two children, adolescents, and moves in with the 50-year-old mother-something, Gigi Stopper (Annie Potts, 'Jack Flash hopping , "" Ghostbusters "), who tries to influence the methods of education and Amanda's stylistic choices, and advising her on how to cope on-GCB (Good Christian Bitches).
Upon her return woodleys to town Amanda meets former friends, which she used to abuse in high school: the leader of the GCB, Karlin (Emmy and Tony winner Kristin Chenowith, "White House," "Pushing Daisies") the most unpopular girl, a Diva of Dallas , and the return of Amanda undermines the fundamentals of life and success, Sharon (Jennifer Aspen, "a table for five," Glee), which was beautiful in high school, and became a mother woodleys and housewife plump and insecure,

makes all Carlene mitzvah, Cricket (Miriam Shor, " Dmg's "," Mildred Pierce "), runner-up

of the Carlin and glamorous woodleys gossip queen, who is married to Blake (Mark decalin," Hawaii 5.0 "," Mythological Ex ") hunk of the town, he also happened to be gay in the closet, and Heather Cruz (Mrisul Nicholas "24"), a real estate agent, a professional single woman is always in search of "Brother

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