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Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (マーメイド メロディー ぴちぴち ピッチ), launched

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When you hear the word "The Little Mermaid", anthony hopkins movies we think of the red-haired Ariel, Disney productions swimming in front of us, and we also believe, of course, is Hans Christian Andersen as the creator of the story. But we believe that any more? Possible. If you watched TV in a small age derenghet a blonde haired mermaid, or if the last few years, tracked Hayao Miyazaki works, even if the happy little goldfish, Ponyo image flashes in front of us.
Everyone knows the story of a mermaid longing among the people, and falls in love with a prince of the human world. To be with him, makes a deal with the Sea Witch: sell lábaiért language and to gain a human soul, the prince is to love him, and you have to get married, so that half of her soul dry - but if it is not done , the prince's anthony hopkins movies marriage with another woman with a broken heart after dawn dies and merges with the sea foam.
While Andersen's sad story ends with the main character dies, the Disney studio happy until he ended the tale: Ariel's happy marriage of love, and live with him as a man.
The story is much more elaborate, Russian, American, and - of course - also Japanese. I think the average anthony hopkins movies person, if you were to ask him to come to Japan to make a feature length story from history, surely rávágná "Lekoppintotta Disney anthony
hopkins movies story". However, the situation is not that Ariel was published in 1989, while the Japanese version has appeared anthony hopkins movies 1975th March 21 in front of the crowd was.
The Japanese version of Andersen's story is much closer anthony hopkins movies to the story than the idealized version of Disney. The title of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid (アンデルセン 童話 にんぎょ 姫 - Anderusen Douwe Ningyi Hime). The 68-minute anthony hopkins movies cartoon made for Toei Animation. The film is interesting that a true cinematic frames embedded in the story from Denmark shows pictures and a narrator speaking, we start that a lot of famous writer was born here, and talk about getting Andersenről, Small Hableányról and then the film's animation switch and the film's end, the narrator closes while a Danish mermaid we see.
The Japanese version remains faithful to the original story of Andersen's Marina longs that people love, makes a deal with the charming prince will continuously over time, but in the end I choose
the love of the princess, which I think he saved. Marina, just like in the original story, anthony hopkins movies get the chance to return to the water among the people, we should just kill prince - but since he does not, he will die. He does not cease to exist, the soul goes to heaven (Original Air Andersen changed her spirit, self-sacrifice and courage of the reasons).
In Japan, however, is not the whole evening was fantastic Marina is the first process of the story. Five years earlier, in 1970, Toei Animation has released a series of years in a row, titled Mahou no Mako-chan (魔法 の マコ ちゃん). The 48-part anime almost certainly differ from the original story from a Mako Athletes in love with, and then with the alliance with the witch, she will serve as the school's life, magical tears of helping people around them. The Mahou no Mako-chan is one of the most remarkable things about seeing Mako (like a mermaid). Goodwill should
be large enough not to declare the similarities between Ariel and Mako - then it hits all redheads, green fins Ariel is not so much American invention.
Ningyi Hime Marina No Boke (人魚 姫 マリーナ の 冒険): 1991 mileage, 26-bit, interesting that Marina was a magic whistle, thanks to which you can change the shape of the human and mermaid.
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (マーメイド メロディー ぴちぴち ピッチ), launched
in 2003, 52 39 bits. Andersen, only traces of a mermaid princess Luchia to rescue a boy in his youth, he gives her the miraculous gem, which later returned to get her to become a woman of the Prince, as he walked among the people.
The story is an interesting way to the original topic: Ponyo is a goldfish, the father who lives in an underwater aquarium siblings. One day, says goodbye, washing up on the beach, but a five-year kifiú, save Sousuke. The boy cut his hand, and Ponyo licks it, so the wound heals within seconds. Pony no servant returned to his father, separated from kisfiútól. Ponyo begins to rebel, and then licked the blood due to human human form begins to take shape. Siblings help you live

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