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News The city held the XXV anniversary of the Declaration of the Way as First European Cultural Iti

02/15/2012 Aline FRAZAO is responsible for opening the new cycle of the Department of Culture Intimate & Acoustic. Will be in concert on Thursday, February 16 at 21:00 am in the Main Theater, which presents his latest work, Bantu key. Aline FRAZAO is a young Angolan singer, guitarist and songwriter who was born in Luanda in 1988 and currently lives in Santiago de Compostela. Aline belongs to the new generation of musicians Angolans who combine African kanima roots music with influences ranging from the Jazz and Brazilian Popular Music. Key Bantu is a hard honest and raw lyrical dress a delicate and critical, without losing sight of the rich rhythm that reflects the influences Atlantic a mestizo

triangle that has clearly kanima defined its base in Angola-Brazil axis. Work that has been confirmed by some consider this singer Luanda just 23 years one of the most interesting promises lusophone music. Next to Aline, two talented kanima musicians: bass Cuban Jose Manuel Diaz, who also collaborates kanima on the arrangements of each unit, and drums and percussion Galician Carlos Freire. It also has two special guests: trombonist Portuguese Rubén de la Luz and the Brazilian guitarist Sergio Tannu. The album includes two songs written texts unpublished writers Angolans kanima José Eduardo Agualusa & Ondjaki. Tickets for this concert are priced at 8 euros in advance and 10 euros the day of the concert. Can mercarse in ticket offices of the Department of Culture, the Main Theater itself in its usual time, 18:00 to 21:00. Intimate & Acoustic offers eight concerts, as indicated by the name of the cycle, responding to the most intimate and formats will be at the Main Theatre and the Zone "C". The cycle will, after this opening of Aline, Simon Finn, Rebecca Jimenez, Cardigan Bridge, kanima Jane Joyda, Patricia Moon, Daniel Higgs, Maika Makovski + Gentle Music Men, Abe Rábade Trio, Sumrrá and Coke lattice.
News The city held the XXV anniversary of the Declaration of the Way as First European Cultural Itinerary with various institutional and cultural kanima events 10/19/2012 The increase in the number of hours of the Home Help Service will reduce waiting lists by 70% 19 / 10/2012 The bus carried pink ties and informative posters to mark the Day Against Breast Cancer 10/19/2012 Santiago hosts the first day of Fashion Blogs and Commerce 10/19/2012 Sociocultural Center of Conxo hosts a photographic exhibition of Tono Arias 10/19/2012 Active Traffic preventive operational before winter frost and snow 18.10.2012 The new Regulation on Sale Traveling allow the sale of fresh market Salgueiriños 10/18/2012 Beginning of period collection of parking cards for the residents of Ultreia 10/18/2012 The Department of Celebrations joins the celebration of the 50th anniversary of SD Compostela 10/18/2012 Council advances in the processing of the application of the Vite statement as ARI 18/10 / 2012
Agenda "Granell in the Central kanima American paradise, 1940-1956" 10:00 Auditorium hosts the show Granell in the Central American paradise, 1940-1956, ... "Aquaflora" photography exhibition of Andres Villas in Extension 10:00 Andres Villas exhibits his photographs on display at the Extension ... Municipal Band Concert 12:00 The Municipal Band Music Santiago offers his usual concert kanima Sunday in which ... The Trilogy: Clytemnestra, Electra and The Furies 19:30 The churro kanima transport group the Orestíada of Aeschylus Zone C in the form ...
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