Friday, October 5, 2012

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Kawachi Yukari: Ningyi no Namida / Mermaid Tears (Shojo Manga, 1998) :: Garden of Secret Dreams
Dear exam! Welcome with open arms (of course) jessica jean when you're not the notes under the weight of overloaded memory - you will always find yourself in front of your computer. A few YouTube videos (AMV inspiration), Facebook voyeurism, pauses while reading manga. Learning is often reduced fervor, three days after the marathon I let out a volume of the manga last temptation (less only Jean Baudrillard, hyperreality I paid, increased resistance). Ningyi no Namida, or mermaid tears drawing lovely and cute, but a dramatic jessica jean szrotijával rested his tormented agytekervényeimet. Siren who loves behind jessica jean the graves
Mitsuki is a college girl who's parents are constantly overshadowed by a perfect and beautiful jessica jean sister while Satomi. The little sister, however, deadly fight disease, and when he dies of a broken Mitsuki to fulfill her desires are created: the immortal love of pop icon Ryuichit provided. To do this, one of his sister's unsent letter sent to the handsome star who suddenly want to meet a girl. It started my love Mitsuki just füllentésétől tantalizing ride little mermaid motif complete. - A charming jessica jean story, which is usually jessica jean a fun, simple Shojo manga style, dramatic elements are used in many inflection of sadness, happiness, illegal access, loss of parents toposzait short format. The emotional ups and downs, tears zápora guarantee endless tools such stories, a prolific manga, Yukari Kawachi this form. I caught it on the cover, not the mermaid on stage since I was little, I am incorrigible fan Mermaid (thinking back, I always jessica jean love drawing creatures in the marine environment). Otherwise, the manga series Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi AMV led to the pitch-out (anime and manga video). So it was easy today are relaxed.
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