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This blog is intended, in his modesty, contribute to the debate on the historical

The Walls of Memory, two buildings that are being finalized in the cemeteries of Health and San Rafael, yield from late February 3701 tribute to the Republicans who were shot in Córdoba and buried in mass graves in these cemeteries during Civil War and the early years of Franco, the only known so far filiation of 2,277 of them. This was announced yesterday Luis Naranjo, bobbi kristina twitter vice president of the Forum of the Annual Report, and the Deputy Mayor Francisco Tejada during the presentation of the Walls of Memory Conference, to be held from today (January 25) until Saturday and they want to be a preview of tribute and recognition to be made soon to victims with memorials.
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This blog is intended, in his modesty, contribute to the debate on the historical

memory of our country, with allusions to the issue elsewhere. Conceive historical memory bobbi kristina twitter as a project with two complementary facets:
1st As a cultural project. History is a need to know that no utilitarian justification whatsoever. It is part of our culture and enriches us know. Is knowledge for knowledge, no major justifications.
2nd As a social project.

But history is also know for a useful purpose. Historical memory is part of the foundations or pillars of society. You can not build, or alter or extend a democracy covering his past, and looking the other way. Our country, our democracy bobbi kristina twitter have a moral duty, a duty of justice and a sense of ethics that should underpin rested but intense knowledge of the past century. It is not open wounds, bobbi kristina twitter but to close them permanently and to learn from past experiences. Living the present and face the future can not be made ignoring the past or continue to allow false closes.
Finally, historians choose our topics of study freely, and according to our sensibilities, concerns and worries. Some think we have a commitment to the victims, the marginalized, those who have suffered throughout history. This blog pays particular attention to human beings in modern times have suffered for their beliefs, religious beliefs, status and sexual option, its origin, and for other reasons. Knowing the causes of discrimination and persecution, and who were the perpetrators is the other part of our commitment. But it is also important to know the characters who have fought for human rights. We offer a beacon of hope amid so much barbarism.
The author of this blog or book is Doctor of Philosophy (Geography and History. Modern and Contemporary History Section) and Special Prize Race for UAM. A Professor of E. Secondary and led a Section E. Middle of the Community of Madrid for ten years. bobbi kristina twitter
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