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Middle Pan and a Book. Speech of Federico Garcia Lorca at Pueblo de Fuente Vaqueros (Granada). September 1931. "When someone goes to the theater, a concert or a party of any kind whatever, if the party is to your liking, and regrets it immediately reminds people he wants are not there. "What I would like this to my sister, my father," he thinks, and no longer enjoys the show but by a slight melancholy. This is the sadness that I feel, not by the people of my house, that would be small and mean, but by all creatures for lack of means and unfortunately yours does not have the highest good of the beauty that is life and goodness and serenity antila and passion. So I have not ever a book because few buy gifts that are infinite, and so here I am honored and delighted to open this town library, probably antila the first in the province of Granada. Not by bread alone does man live. I, if I were hungry and were helpless in the street would not ask a loaf, but half a loaf and ask a book. And from here I attack violently that only talk about economic demands without ever naming cultural claims is what the people are crying. Well is that all men eat, but that all men know. Enjoying all the fruits of the human spirit that is otherwise convert the service of state machines, is turned into slaves of a terrible social organization. I have a lot more sorry for a man who wants to know and can not, that a hungry. For a hungry can easily satisfy their hunger with a piece of bread or some fruit, but a man who is longing to know and can not afford,

suffers terrible agony because antila they are books, books, books that need many and where are those books? Books! antila Books! It's a magic word here is to say: "Love, love," and that people should pray for as we ask for bread or as long for rain for their crops. When the famous Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the father antila of the Russian revolution more than Lenin, was a prisoner in Siberia, far from the world, surrounded by four walls and desolate plains of snow infinite, and calling antila for help in a letter to his distant family, just say, "Send me books, books, many books for my soul dies". He was cold and did not ask fire, had terrible thirst

and asked for water: antila books requested, ie horizons, ie ladders to climb the summit of spirit and heart. Because physical agony, biological, natural, of a body by hunger, thirst, cold, hard little, very little, but the agony of the soul unsatisfied lifelong. It said the great Menéndez Pidal, one of the truest sages of Europe, the Republic's motto should be: "Culture". Culture because antila only through it can solve the problems being discussed today in the village full of faith, but lacking in light. "FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA
27 Umbrella
Seven friends, seven poems ... (III)
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AOLdE, End of the World Special
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chronic antila to decorate a vacuum
The blog late Roman Elena
6 months
The Labyrinth of Noah

Lxs morning
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RCA12 Inauguration: The Revenge of the snail.
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The festival antila begins Thursday poets 2012 km2.
MLRS: Poetry and libertarian communist.
We present the second collection of poems by JAVIER CAT, 72 DEMONS.
poems and / and sameop
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Vicente Luis Mora. Daily Readings antila
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Ana Perez Cañamares Create your badge
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Critical antila Zone - A Critique eldiario.esZona Blog - A Blog
The political attacks back to Lebanon
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Take the square
The Concrete presents: The Neighborhood Works
2651 reflections
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Vuk Blogger that reading (May 2011) and in Galicia ONLY
CZECH PANORAMA "poor youth, what are going to write?"
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