Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ecosystems Ecological urho tv Farming (3) Soundtrack (3) Biodiversity (3) Forestry (8) Climate Chan

Restart ... and never touches rather. After two weeks of forced (and necessary) quiet, walking boot Believe in the middle, urho tv as a continuation of my work in the late Global Warming. The average disappears but my commitment to environmental information, hence the opening of this new window to the world green. The philosophy is the same: give voice to anything that has to do with the crisis which plunged the planet. It started from zero. The recent 'blackout' Think Green blog does not leave us in leather. File this space features over one hundred reports published so far. From here the future.
For starters, rescue one of the old ideas of the previous urho tv blog: the soundtrack. And to open it, nothing better

than Vetusta Morla his human shield, urho tv the penultimate song of their latest album maps (for those who have not heard the Vigo Transforma have another chance on 27 of this month in the Plaza de la Quintana Santiago). His 'chorus' (do not know how I miss having a linguist beside me!) Can not come over to the case:
About rebecahermo think the East is a point and followed the work initiated urho tv Environment Day 2010 blog Think Green, published in late Global Warming. Life goes on and makes a world increasingly compromised. This is intended to be a small window of hope. Welcome everyone to show you it.
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Ecosystems Ecological urho tv Farming (3) Soundtrack (3) Biodiversity (3) Forestry (8) Climate Change (11) Consumer (10) Pollution (2) coast (2) Education (3) Energy (6) Ocean (5) Heritage ( 9) politics (5) Rivers (1) Articles (14) Waste (10) transport (4) Uncategorized (80) last thoughts urho tv Thanks, Ánxel "The urho tv coast can not take it anymore" The Galician rivers await the Transition means always draws two times ... Europe 'happens' of tranxénicos If you also think green ...

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