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Although colleen houck El Bierzo is traditionally considered a place of passage, the transition was

The monument dedicated to Nicéphore Niépce in Saint-Loup-de-Varennes (Burgundy) dates the invention of photography in 1822, but more recent colleen houck research lie "the first picture of history" in 1816, when Niepce achieved its first-ever set camera obscura image on paper treated with silver chloride.
Twenty years later, in 1839, the Parisian Daguerre, who continued the work of Niépce, presented to the Academy of Sciences based on a photographic plate revealed colleen houck copper plated with mercury vapor and fixed with hyposulphite. The real Christopher Columbus Photo, Niépce

and Daguerre had died when-our-Amerigo Vespucci gave his name to the daguerreotype. "
The daguerreotype process starts, from 1840, the unstoppable expansion of the art and art photography: cameras evolve, the plate appears dry gelatin (1871) or the glass plate stereoscopic (1838) that, provided with a binocular viewer, gives a sense of relief, already anticipated by Leonardo da Vinci.
The whole world is intrigued by the new phenomenon conquest

equally renowned scientists, as Ramon y Cajal, which kings or peasants posing excited at the fair stand.
If the January 7 d 1839 is the date of public disclosure of the daguerreotype, just ten months later, on November 10, Barcelona played in the first daguerreotype, with a camera that cost the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences 1946 actual fleece. It had been acquired Felipe Monlau proposal, Catalan living in Paris as closely following the evolution of photographic invention.
Almost simultaneously, the chemist John Smith and played the first daguerreotype Camps in Madrid. It is curious that these precursors,

as well informed of what was happening in Paris, operated in isolation, without knowing each other.
The expansion of photography in the decades following progressively operates nationwide, affirming the phenomenon among the public with the appearance of the "portrait studios" that will rage in the main streets of the big cities after 1860.
They are celebrated at this time Laurent studies in Puerta del Sol, Barcelona Emili Fernandez, Jose Sierra Payba Júdez in Seville colleen houck and Zaragoza. From this time, especially with the new century, photography and not fail in any event of Spanish life, from a popular wedding to meet with Sister Elizabeth II Sponsorship or execution Angiolillo the Canovas murderer.
In Galicia, whose proximity colleen houck to El Bierzo our interest-enters the daguerreotype in 1843 Corunna (E. Luar) and social relevance reaches occasion of the Regional Exhibition of Santiago (1858). The following colleen houck year, Cisneros Talbot Photo Gallery installed on Rua Nova de Santiago and soon to happen portraitists and landscapers with albums monumental Compostela colleen houck (1882) or Galicia quaint, Prosperi. It was the time of the glass plates of gelatin that became popular at the turn of the century; soon arise and amateur photographers, around 1905, the boom of the postcard.
Despite the proximity of Galicia and Leon, the available data on the arrival of photography to Bierzo not allow us to date the exact date the first chamber and the first stereoscope crossed Manzanal ports, Pajares Pedrafita or possibly in the penultimate decade of the last century.
Although colleen houck El Bierzo is traditionally considered a place of passage, the transition was not easy: Napoleon stayed in Astorga, Ponferrada-Ourense diligence took twenty-one hours, and the railroad was jammed Brañuelas years. Precisely Brañuelas-mail takes the car to the famous traveler Vigo Davillier Charles, in 1963. When crossing El Bierzo unknown Davillier photographing, as is accompanied by the artist Gustave Dore. The secular isolation was not an issue: "The country, extraordinarily wild-type-Davillier in Villafranca, it becomes increasingly rugged. In villages where for diligence, some girls we offer glasses of water, fruit and milk. "
The first locomotive arrived colleen houck in 1882 Ponferrada colleen houck and rail communications with Galicia were not completed until 1883, the year when Alfonso XII opens the Madrid-Coruña. Possibly this year, 1883, and the actual colleen houck trip, are the passageway of the first photographers. Beyond the railway, the itinerant portraitists of foreign names, venture into chivalry, as Hans Gadow, who in 1895 travels Riaño, Astorga, Ponferrada, Villafranca and even reaches

Burbia village in Ancares. Gadow takes snapshots of ethnographic colleen houck value, pioneers in the history of photography Leon.
Moreover, in the list of

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