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Based on the features of Beyoncé and Jay-Z cobbled forensic artist D

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The photographer Annie Leibovitz was the sisters Kim (30), Khloe (27) Kourtney and (32) Kardashian hired them as palatable as possible to portray in the lingerie and clothes they designed for department kim kardashian 2011 store Sears. The photo shoot took place in May in Leibovitz's studio kim kardashian 2011 in New York, a place where Kim was on her blog wrote: kim kardashian 2011 "What a fantastic day. We did a photo shoot for our Kardashian Kollection for Sears with the living legend Annie Leibovitz. We never been photographed, it was very nice. What an eye opener. kim kardashian 2011 " The three sisters were also impressed Leibovitz (61), known for her work including Rolling kim kardashian 2011 Stone and Vanity Fair, next week a party organized for them in her studio to launch the clothing to celebrate. The Kardashian announce now that they have a new store, Kardashian Khaos, Opening in Las Vegas. They already have three DASH stores kim kardashian 2011 in Calabasas, New York and Miami.
Actress Kate Hudson shows off her post-pregnancy line in a bikini kim kardashian 2011 on the beach of Saint-Tropez. Seven weeks ago she gave birth to her second son, Bingham, which she received with Muse singer Matt Bellamy. Her first son Ryder, Black Crowes singer kim kardashian 2011 Chris Robinson, was also present.
Her daughter Haven Garner was only a few weeks old, but actress Jessica Alba has been working out to get her pre-pregnancy weight regain. kim kardashian 2011 The actress announced yesterday on the social networking site Twitter kim kardashian 2011 that she has started her fitness regimen. "I did my first day working out since the baby is born. It was 'only' 40 minute cardio workout, but it's a start. I started on the bike and scooter." Also she gave advice kim kardashian 2011 to fellow sufferers, kim kardashian 2011 she recommends starting with daily walks and muscle-strengthening

exercises. "You kim kardashian 2011 are walking through your legs down, you can do this than with the stroller do. What diet is concerned, kim kardashian 2011 I would six days a week as healthy kim kardashian 2011 as possible food, but allow yourself a day when you may sin," the brand new mommy Category kim kardashian 2011 : Showbiz >> Comment (0) The new tattoo of Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has a new tattoo on, they showed a sense of song lyrics from Billy Joel to immortalize her body. LiLo spent yesterday visiting her favorite tattoo shop in LA, Shamrock Tattoos. She let the words "Clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife I feel like I'm in the prime of my life" (Clear as crystal, sharp as a knife, I'm in the prime of my life) at the height of her ribs put. The phrase comes from the song "I go to extremes" from 1989. Here you can see the result. "The slogan for LiLo is important because it illustrates the point at which they are in her life and ponds which they already have swam. It proves that they are focused," says an insider. Category: kim kardashian 2011 Showbiz >> Comment (0) As the child of Beyonc look
Based on the features of Beyoncé and Jay-Z cobbled forensic artist D'Lynn Waldron joined this portrait of the child Beyonc expected. Dr. Waldron specializes kim kardashian 2011 in the representation of how a person will look like over time and was already fairly accurate images include Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Suri Cruise.
Brad Pitt for his six children each a Shetland purchased. Now that graze on the estate of Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the south of France. For Angelina bought Brad a horse, so the family can now explore kim kardashian 2011 the countryside. The children are now riding. Pitt had around Chateau Miraval, a new pool with slides build. Category: Showbiz >> Comment (0) Robert Pattinson pours new busker guitar
Robert Pattinson has a homeless street musician in Los Angeles, the gift of his birth. Pattinson saw the battered instrument where the wanderer on playing and promptly went into a music shop. He came out with an electric guitar for himself and an acoustic for the busker. That was speechless when Pattinson gave him the instrument and quickly drove away. "The busker was transfixed. He thought the guitar gestol

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