Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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On the "Oscar" in the category "Best Film" claimed nine films. Among the contenders for the main prize - "War Horse (War Horse) Steven Spielberg, priscilla mendez "The Artist (The Artist) Michel Hazanavichusa, "Midnight in Paris (Midnight in Paris) Woody Allen, "Hugo (Hugo) Martin Scorsese and "Extremely loud and too close (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close) Stephen priscilla mendez Daldry. In the nominees for the "Oscar" for best male lead were George Clooney ("Descendants , The Descendants), Brad Pitt ("The man who changed everything", Moneyball), Jean Dyuzharden ("Artist"), Gary Oldman ("spies , Tinker priscilla mendez Tailor Soldier Spy) and Demiyan Bishyr (" better life , A Better Life). Among the contenders for the prize for Best Actress - Meryl Streep ("The Iron Lady , The Iron Lady), sculpted Davis ("The servants , The Help) *, Michelle Williams priscilla mendez ("My Week with Marilyn , My Week with Marilyn). The next awards ceremony of the American Academy on 26 February. For the "Oscar" struggling Spielberg, Scorsese and Allen * wwgnika: The Help by Kathryn priscilla mendez Stockett
Tags 11.04.2011, 1991 through the eyes of party: (:) [*], Orlov, Astravets, BNR, Bogdanovich, Borodulin, fathers and children independence, priscilla mendez Belarus / Poland, priscilla mendez Bulls, free studio, Volsky, Hamburg score Baharevicha, Grodno , Heniyush, Gilewicz, Danchik, Dubovets, Long Live Belarus! Kovalenko, Korotkevich Colas, swim, Nyaklyaeu, traveling Liberty Square priscilla mendez 2010 Square 2011, Prague accent Pentateuch priscilla mendez Liberty Media, Sannikov, Savka and Grisha, Freedom in prison, Chernobyl, architecture, education, faith, videos, history, priscilla mendez health, culture, film, literature, art, language, music, science, priscilla mendez politics, solidarity and assistance, the courts, the resistance / repression / R, ecology

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