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Cars couple together of some use to the fact that it

Hi folks :-) last week already September folded on weekends deum and finally ethnic daemyeongjeol approaching holiday comes. They prepare well and Chuseok holidays confused I retuning, gwigyeonggil tired, the first thing that comes to too many people are you? However, the blog being a feast dapnida too nice to ^ ^ 1, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, the difficult, even if a little tired, and would be nice to have time with family I guess. I gathered near relatives with stories to share delicious food that the mother eats maybe a few precious time to spend time entirely for our family thought johanna solano that, because I'm.
Year's johanna solano Thanksgiving family with you also a happy time for our family only hope. Oops! So the gwigyeonggil some sort of transportation do you use? Train? A bus? A plane? Public transportation reservation if the reservation a month ago, much own skills that you need ~ * ~ So I dragged a car and go down to the home ^ ^ I'm probably like me and you to select those seem unlikely, right? johanna solano Today I'd like to introduce you the car you want to go to her hometown johanna solano BEST4 ~ all wait. According O'Shea> _ <

That are still married

if single M? Blog is worried that it would be called the BMW320 is recommended ^ ^ useless geotmeot attending heosenam attracting foreign car to you? Worry, I know the nicknames of these cars, but if the bank! 2012 BMW320 series of alias 'fuel economy king' yirapnida. Evenly with three movements, that caters perfectly to the design and speed, as well as the fact that the smart car! Embarrassing tying the value of the oil era, such as the dark horse in a certified fuel consumption is 23.8km / L, do emerge, perhaps we can? Also refined mature design that has a reputation for being one step further than the previous design itdapnida.

Select lever on the left side, as shown in the picture, you can set the driving mode, the default location is always ECO PRO mode is set itdapnida. Fuel consumption can be up to 20% saving in ECO PRO mode optimization johanna solano and acceleration pedal response and the shift points of the transmission and the heater and air conditioning can be controlled in line with the fuel-saving johanna solano work that the advantages of the single others ^ ^ miss points that can not be! Right speed, I think Adult male burned too weary countenance firmly secured maximum torque without the 200km / h acceleration surely got to pass without difficulty It's

enormous Ying ~? To make premium and dynamic johanna solano coexistence of the BMW 3 Series a new look, yet always strange but he also seemed attractive for the upcoming new look. But!! Immediately effective rate from the greatest johanna solano strengths of this car jeoeom ~ * I think the car that best fits to a single M 2-30 Water Cool scent as this car, if I can be a guy, huh?
The end of the Thanksgiving when most do not want to hear? "Poems (Zhangjiagang) going? That poetry goes well, the woman is the best ~ "heugeuk heugeuk, why my heart ripped to shreds so noteusi the Am ㅠ ㅠ I never! Not at all! Miss Gold, driveway johanna solano lonely did her seuttwa ~ singgeulnyeo troublesome! (~ That's johanna solano savings account bank balance and compassion regard the end of a very th ㅔyot my account!) Stacked on top of each other in the last month maturity was until I lifeblood ipnidang So Right Savings Plan Maturity johanna solano new car purchase! The K3 have been adopted. K3's slogan is 'completed' johanna solano new junjunghyeong. Plan was to set new standards in the latest models as junjunghyeonggeup In fact, look at the configuration of K3 Jin had as strong confidence about the merchantability confident enough to reveal that no viable idea guess.
Kia K3 handle operability is really sensitive and learned that very agile. As steering clearance without moving the lethality. Flex-steer mounted handle of the experience to step 3 can change the flex-steer and can not compare much! Suspension, sporty driving is also possible car sliding corner of the skewed degree bigger cup to absorb shock suppression is extremely stable even lose because jeoeom ~!
Are you aware of the fact that the charge was made in the hands of the Germans head to the design of the K3? Way! Runnability also fashioned pox into the hands of the Germans. So K3 German car feel Said did many minutes do you think ^ ^ Indoor In addition to the class of K3 forget much! Mother, father! Me never seem to hate so sad that does not fit to live smartly my MO, I see, okay? Marry me next year I'll go ^ ^
Cars couple together of some use to the fact that it's really endless. Because the life pattern according to the tastes and the two of us. But I said to the Fox pagen 'tiguan recommend and why? High-performance specifications, as well as practical and very active with a high SUV consequence is felt because it can feel to the handling johanna solano of a sedan feel.
So that can cater to various parts of the vehicle? Audi and Volkswagen monthly sales record of 3-4, but last month (August), passed contrast 2 Back to leap 52 percent growth and burning! Right Do you know what that reason is? Tiguanwa Passat's sales jumped. Word of mouth is keen to Nago called alchan SUV of the tiguan car's ^ ^
State in good sturdy condition, but rather hard to collect money altteulsaltteul to recommend this car to a couple of my reasons? Already noticed many people may have noticed, right? I Certified fuel efficiency with fuel-18.1km

'ㅡ' b choekoh! Economic equipped

vehicle until teleportation I'm so coveted?

+ _ + In addition, the essential features specifications and smart I'm not sure. Stability in consequence is overflowing with automatic 7-speed transmission control through, you can feel a little more smoother and faster byeonsokgam pools airbag features, the risk of an accident even when lmmune! Is no! @ _ @
Vehicle Manufacturer: Toyota SUV / RV fuel economy: 9.4Km / L ~ 10.5km / L Displacement: 2,672 cc to 3,456 cc Price: 4,290 ~ 4,940 ten thousand won
From the large vehicles (Large Vehicies0 sector of the U.S. automotive Web site Edmunds ( and the United States co-hosted L reoncheu Magazine Parents Magawine '2012 Best Family Car 'Toyota' Siena 'voted dapnida this survey Magazine johanna solano auto experts Edmunds Rooms and L reoncheu priority to the stability and reliability of hundreds womans car in performance, interior, exterior, family-friendly features, including a comprehensive evaluation of the results, especially the actual driving and car ownership to parents feeling of confidence to rise We've been do reflect the evaluation of the test ride? * _ * So the family car into the river. force c. Tee vehicle Toyota Sienna is ^ ^
The holiday season and festive time when the family all gathered somewhere ~ leave doejyo ^ ^ but IMHO when that tight roads and narrow car of discomfort inevitably suffer is ㅠ ㅠ Sienna Luxury Mini Van that name geolmat to the existing three, or swear that provide a higher level of comfort in a sport utility vehicle (SUV), can not feel. 5-7 people in one of the vehicles leaving on a camping trip or the most perfect!
Button to open and close the door with the touch or handle the power sliding door mounted on the inside of the rear door of the Siena's wins. Down to get off the stuff, of course gitgo learned that convenience. The fact that the vehicle's sliding door so heavy, so embarrassing ㅠ ㅠ But now I worry that missing can not believe you're good> of Siena powerful source of pride? Reminiscent of a first-class johanna solano airline seats handapnida because I row seats with Ottoman sheet is applied to Luxury Sedan. Second johanna solano and third columns depends both sides of the ceiling air conditioning, sultriness, even sitting johanna solano in the backseat occupants can feel pleasant ride ^ ^
~ Laurie bands do you see the trunk? Approximately between the Obama - such a face-to-face can be moved, I guess. Kyoko> <How so spacious trunk can get would? Fold the sheet directly in a single operation, 3 column folding cargo bay floor, because I'm> too so strange johanna solano Is not it? Perfect camping trip in trend nowadays and if you enjoy trekking, bike can be easily lift, I guess. Enough of a family trip just perfect! Welfare programs is old! ^ ^ ㅎ ㅎ 'Toyota Sienna with the actual

story of the family summer vacation, you have heard if Toyota Sienna will not be forced to love
Hyosung Toyota Hyosung johanna solano Toyota Hyosung's imported car business through many years of know-scale prepared by the specialized services only to sell a car that is not simply you can design a new lifestyle so that you can do with a companion like! Hyosung Toyota to delay in society's best-loved brands to customers in order to be a brand that is loved by you "products, services, and social

contribution johanna solano activities through efforts, and most important for safety, especially in the automotive customer minutes, one vehicle units sold cherish johanna solano and hope to always exceed the expectations of consumers, delivering new value! In recent years, Guangzhou Toyota johanna solano car showroom in the area were open for the country you step a little closer to the top. ^ ^ Hyosung Toyota, is always working!
'All that Hyosung' other upcoming Chuseok Hyosung Toyota, the car wants to go her hometown BEST4 (2) 2012/09/25 polyester film AU Everyone's favorite national food ', then! I would like to know it "(6) 2012/09/18 [aramid know the Service - a former special agent of the hottest revenge, Bruce Willis <RED> (4) 2012/09/11 [industrial yarn tent weatherproof withstand no reason why ? (4) 201!

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