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Common DSLR a good thing, but those who do not willingly select the 'need to learn to take photographs would be much difficult. moder family So much one person can take comfort Snap Row. <Nikon 1 J2> support for a variety of creative moder family modes, easy and simple to take pictures to help these users. One feature I'll watch it ^ ^ Nikon 1 J2 Creative mode - P, A, S, M, DSLR you have experience using those P, A, S, M, the word just proves that any behavior

moder family that I suppose that would be ... The judge seems to be for those who are unfamiliar, I'll explain briefly. P mode, and a program auto mode, set the shutter and aperture automatically according to the shooting environment is a way that you can easily shoot It's suitable for everyday snap shots. S mode and shutter priority auto mode, the user can manually set the shutter speed to shoot in order to capture fast motion settings are. A mode, aperture priority auto mode, and is mainly used when you want to adjust the set manually opening and closing the aperture and shoot out focusing moder family strength. M mode and manual mode, shutter moder family

speed and aperture can be set manually, moder family according to your taste. moder family Mainly when you use a strobe, and write a lot of understanding moder family about the photo shoot, who is the favorite mode. Photos for A, S, M, P or both understand if somewhat according to each environment study some necessary settings, so you can take pictures just to take better pictures. ^ ^ Then, a few chapters to get a picture taken with this mode move on to the next function'll.
Nikon 1 J2 Creative mode - Miniature Miniature function is situated in the middle of the subject by focusing the most out the top and bottom pictures made to look like a relatively small dolls Miniature feeling until you can shoot. Creative mode these days tick or a mirror-less camera moder family on keureyiyi of support and I'm. Nikon 1 J2 also support this feature. Miniature photo from the movie to a more compelling moder family video not support a lot of regrets personally. Photo meet ^ ^
Miniature features a more compelling photo shoot where densely packed in the car or home, people will Personally I took deliverables too bad ^ ^; Nikon 1 J2 Creative Mode - Select the Color Select the color mode also tick or mirror a lot of support from the lease. Subject is handled by both black and white, leaving

only the desired color from the color that you can take help indeyo. Primaries series ornaments, clothes or accessories, such as when shooting from where you can take more stunning photos.
Nikon 1 J2 Creative mode - the most thirsty when you go pickin simple panoramic vistas that can hold one photo a wide natural thirst always saenggige prepared. moder family Do more, especially moder family when we went to the mountains or the sea. Nikon 1 J2 simple, if you take advantage of the panorama function, though not perfect, thirst (?) Can be solved. Photo below, press the Genie somewhat larger panorama is taken to check the quality ^ ^.
Nikon 1 J2 simple, while taking advantage of the panorama function was surprised that slight movement swaying moder family out in the night to take a panoramic photo that was As you can see, the above image of fire to 180 degrees, though not perfectly crisp moves taken think you got a very good outcome. Nikon 1 J2 - pretty good model or pose motion snapshots

child cute emotion, a scene from a movie, If you shoot a regular movie, as well as slow video like you get a nice result. Nikon 1 J2 Motion Snapshot feature (BGM) and stop pressing the shutter button, with the images, 1 seconds of video and shooting at the same time, increasing 2.5 seconds to 1 second video in slow motion which have been set up in advance beugeum can be viewed together. Make cool videos that feature ordinary frame 1 can be Brings the beugeum (BGM), and naturally, comfortably, lovingly supports four modes. This feature moder family is introduced into the image. Than of beugeum (BGM) Duration image below Once you see immediately understand moder family doesilkkeo ^ ^ I'm personally regret that after shooting video is short, you got a problem playing flowing moder family music video ends haebomyeon The ability to set the length of the video seems to be better, I think. (Upgrade moder family to the next version of the mirror lease!) moder family Nikon 1 J2 - Full HD video Nikon 1 J2 off photos or video quality is not very good, looked small compared to the other mirror-less DSLR sensor specifications only be determined when I had expected that test video of the picture if the picture quality was good, better than I ever thought haeboni Full HD 1080/60i and 1080/30p recording and tolerable as much as the quality of the camcorder gave me.
Let's play a short knowledge here? For those of you who do not know who was the meaning Have you ever seen a number followed by the file name, such as 480p, 720p, 1080i would've simply download and you can see why the usual drama shows, mid-I'll let you know. This number is the number of lines of vertical lines of the video screen story. 640x480 / 720p, 480p 1280x720 to 1080p is 1920x1080 means. Everyone knows that you can see a clear picture moder family in a big monitor screen resolution bigger, right? Suffixed numbers ^ ^ i and p, respectively, interlace scan (Interace Scan) and programming progressive scan (Progressive Scan). Interlaced scanning is applied to a CRT TV or monitor, and complete cross-odd-even-numbered columns separated by a vertical line, column, and sprinkle the screen. CRT monitor is divided into vertical stripes tabby take a look at the camera as you can see. Easy way But check but natures ^ ^ Pro Progressive Scan to scan the image at once. LCD, LED and injection Nowadays, most of the video if you think is going to be. Part in the sleep of course what was the 720i rather than 720p is better ^ ^ editorial moder family longer jyeotneunde, support 1080p (1920x1080) picture quality Nikon 1 J2. 720p (1280x720)

haguyo moder family support. Movie are you do not have to explain further? Introduction to the video is below. (Pressing the bottom right of the video cogwheel shape set your look with a 720p video to 1080p ^ ^) shot, but too bad, personally, has been introduced that were set in the usual encoding 720p forgot to upload the 720p only. Enough appeal was gonna quality is okay, though I have no doubt. Performances or concerts, etc. ^ ^ go for shooting over long periods of time, enough that there is no fever or other handling problems If the test would have been better, I should have check that part out yet are the next time you have a chance to shoot the contribution to I will. Described Dandridge did previous entries in the AF function, except enough to think this time ^ ^ more pictures and posts I write too long, jyeotneunde greedy my saw. Introduced today feature more nice features moder family in addition there's a little more the next time it's contribution to the cottonwood'll. If at any time you have any questions Please leave a comment! Above, the sky Actinidia was
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