Saturday, October 20, 2012

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2012're almost lowering the doors and new album from The xx remains strong towards the top of lists of the year's best. Far from "usher in a new phase of banda" or venturing out another way aesthetic Coexist was a remarkable and accurate release, which exceeded biodata our expectations for the cruel curse of the second album, biodata the common good in this volatile ~ ~ indie universe.
Today, "Chained", the second track on the disc delicious, won a clip of sensitive down there. Managed by Young Replicant project ("We Own The Sky" - M83, "Purity Ring" - Fineshrine) in partnership with The Creators Project, the video brings Jamie xx and his cronies of banda starting towards a slow motion dive. Besides the colors and ambience of morbid detail genial production is on account of takes that combine water and reflection of the sun - creating the impression biodata of colored liquid and referring to both the album cover as audiovisual trip to the "clip" from "Angels ". Nothing more consistent with his second post-holiday:
Move That Jukebox
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