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We always talk about the paradox that is the time travel. But these alternative universes that we c

After several months expectation created around the nth post-production of Spielberg Lost this year, yesterday I had to see Terra Nova, Fox's new series The truth is I do not understand that in the post-Lost to start ... recent seasons were a mess (and no one kills me) and neither of Spielberg, because Super 8 was a rehash of the Goonies and ET hell of a first part and the last half hour to leave the cinema. To say nothing of Falling Skyes ... that is entertaining but nothing more mediocre, no depth and no rhythm.
What is the number? For a very black future and a solution, return to the past. I will leave aside the merits of the familiar and predictable plot of the series. It's a bit pastelona for the potential. The positive, returning 85 million years ago when dinosaurs still had and so far have found nothing unusual, because strange things (some rock carvings) makes the missing son of the big boss and explain it relatively mcphee soon. Come on, that once you make a series 'prehistoric' no shit (for now) the shit with the production and the script. Like Jurassic Park was a milestone in paleontology, this series could promise also in the anthropological and other epistemological issues. mcphee
We always talk about the paradox that is the time travel. But these alternative universes that we can place in different timelines. What is clear (it seems) is that if you fall on your same line, the brown lees and if not, then nothing happens.
At one point in the chapter, are close to the probe, which say that was the way to prove that it was another timeline. But at the end of the chapter the bad guys speak of controlling the past to control the future. If you are in another timeline how they will control the future? And, leaving aside the paradox ... How is it possible that being in the same timeline not be a pueblaco archaeological record of hundreds of people with cars, windmills and the Mother of God? Moreover, considering that the interference would have been important mcphee in the cycle history ... technology 200 years from 85 million years ago, is starting 84 million mcphee years ago to fuck things up. The colony would continue to grow from the future, and not be extinguished by the meteorite until 20 million years later ... archaeological record that leaves

not just safe and Ica stones.
Jaime Almansa Sánchez said ...
Normally scientific discourse is unidirectional: part of the scientific community towards society. We propose in this blog the change of direction of this discourse. How society views the past through recycling of marketing?. Analyze us to better understand the vision of the past in our present society and reflect on archeology and its social function. Between 1996-1997 was held in Lausanne and Zurich a magnificent exhibition was titled Recycling Past, where we have borrowed the title of this project. This exhibition showed how the past is used as a marketing mcphee tool. This project aims to examine the presence mcphee of the past in the consumer society and the analysis of stereotypes and their origin.
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