Thursday, October 18, 2012

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Confident Lieutenant Chris Burnett (Owen Wilson) was trained as a specialist in the management of combat aircraft the F / A - 18 Superhornet and became a real top pilot and navigator. It is therefore not surprising that souped knowledge and unshakeable faith in his abilities, audrey hepburn movies he wants to show the world what he can do. His somewhat conservative senior Admiral Reigart (Gene Hackman) its horkokrevnost not considered appropriate. "We are observers and not soldiers," said Admiral Reigart his subordinate Chris. During reconnaissance Burnett audrey hepburn movies shoots but something definitely did not see, is shot down and persecuted. Despite the fact that all the action takes place "behind enemy lines", as lieutenant of the neck. Admiral Reigart audrey hepburn movies violates audrey hepburn movies its principles and make risky decisions to save his life.
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