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Two days to start one of the most prestigious film festivals in Slovakia. 13th Festival opens on Fr

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Two days to start one of the most prestigious film festivals in Slovakia. 13th Festival opens on Friday, 04.11.2011 Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris in City Theatre POHviezdoslava. The main role will feature Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams will tell a story that a young couple experiences in Paris and often reveals a life spent in the illusion. It should be noted that the film festival is on the right side of the Danube at Janko Sade moved to the other side and it only remains in the Old City, more theaters in Cinema City Eurovea, Lumiere, Youth and the Slovak National Gallery.
This year will be accompanied by 13th IFF BA ten movie categories, three of which are competitive. Noncompetitive category aftab currency represents the amount of films in Panorama sections, Upstream, stories, Antidepressants, aftab currency Red Westerns, Made in Slovakia and Tribute. These sections are not concealed only films that graced us in recent years, but also a little older pieces. I give attention to movies from Red Westerns section:
Lemonade Joe or Horse Opera dir. / Dir.: Oldrich Lipsky, Czechoslovakia, 1964 Chief Big Snake / Chingachgook: Die grosse Schlange dir. / Dir.: Richard Groschopp, GDR, 1967 White sun of the desert

/ Beloe Solntse Pustyn dir. / Dir. Vladimir Motyl, USSR, 1969 Foreign between his / Svoi Sredne chuzhikh, chuzhoi Sredne svoikh dir. / Dir.: Nikita Mikhalkov, USSR, 1974 Artist, and the dollars Transylvánci / Artista, the dollar Ardelenii cut. / Dir.: Mircea Verona; Romania, aftab currency 1979
Another interesting section is a representative selection of Slovak films, among them are also those students who were able to take in 2011 (selection): ... and I, Catherine Kolníková dir. / Dir.: Juraj Štepka, SR, 2011 Cherry Boy dir. / Dir .: Stanislav Párnický, SR, 2011 House / House cut.: Richard Liová, CR / SR, 2011 Interview dir. / Dir.: Peter Magát, SR, 2011 Love Chicken / Chicken Love Rez. / Dir.: Richard Piussi, aftab currency SR , 2011 Lunik IX dir. / Dir.: Michelle Coomber, SR, 2011 monster cut. / Dir.: Milan Balog, SR, 2011 Trou de Fer - Iron hole cut. / Dir.: Pavol Barabas, SR, 2011 Voices Rez. / Dir.: Peter Bebjak, SR, 2010
And what is recommended on the first day of the film Friday Feeling Movies? At the outset, you go see a movie All that remains / All That Remains by author Pierre-Adrian Irle and Valentina Rotelliho. You do not have to "fly" between cinemas and halls, I would certainly certainly stayed in the room and watch a movie Who if not us? / Wer wenn nicht wir? Andres from the tower - the story takes place in the early sixties in Germany, where we follow aftab currency the fate of Vespera, son of National Socialist, Nazi celebrated poet and Gudrun Ensslin, parson's daughter.
A recent film, where there is no need to hesitate, the perfect harmony / Perfect Sense, directed by David Mackenzie and starring

Ewan McGregor. While two people discover feelings in the world it is precisely aftab currency the opposite direction - the city lost.
Evening hours are the most crowded and good movies are not even myself aftab currency do not know which one to go. Film The Tree of Life / The Tree of Life by Terrence Malick is good "hardcore". On one side is a special film avant-garde elements, on the other hand it is very difficult to sustain attention, and when you fall asleep aftab currency for two hours three times in the movie, it is just right.
Fighting this film will lead House / The House of our Slovak director Zuzana Li. The battle of the evening aftab currency the audience was added Bollywood / Bollywood: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra.
And so you really could not choose, so one more film Inadvertent kidnapping Mrs. Elfriede Ott / The Unabsichtliche Entfuhrung der Frau Elfriede Ott by Andreas Prochaska. That is to change the web portals regarded as a very bad low evaluation, aftab currency but these excesses obtained in Austria three film awards. Simply written, two anti-heroes, fake grandmother, a large number of sleeping aftab currency pills and more and more problems.
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